A Closer Look into the SlotsMillion Virtual Reality Casino

A Closer Look into the SlotsMillion Virtual Reality Casino
SlotsMillion Introduces a Virtual Reality Casino

SlotsMillion Casino gives players a chance to try something new with their virtual reality online casino. They are proud to be the first to offer this kind of opportunity to consumers for real money. Thanks to virtual reality casino, aside from experiencing gameplay, as usual, there is an option to enjoy gaming settings as you were in the actual, land-based casino.

SlotsMillion Casino VR/3D application delivers about 40 most popular games, and all that, from private casino accommodations. Furthermore, this is a perfect way to have a casino just for yourself, along with all the benefits you could wish for.

Getting Started with VR

After a decision to try this amazing opportunity, the first step to make is to open the application and select a configuration. Then, in case there is already an account created, login is in order or, if not, there is a possibility to play as a guest.

With that settled, the next step is to pick a play mode and avatar so you could join people around the world. Interaction with other players will also be enabled.

Navigation through the virtual reality casino in order to move and choose games will be possible with a gamepad or a computer keyboard. By using a keyboard, to walk around, players will have A, S, D, and W at their disposal. With a gamepad, it’s sufficient to use the left controller to move around.

Selecting a game of choice is quite easy and it works by actually approaching a slot machine or a table. When that’s all done, as soon as green is highlighted pressing  A will be enough.

During their experience in Virtual Reality Casino, players will be able to find info about their betting history, favorite games and details about their account in the casino lobby. A place for new deposits and withdrawals will also be accommodated. Thanks to My Promotions zone, latest promos will always be available.

Inactivity over an hour will immediately disconnect players which is another good news. Of course, players can exit by themselves just by pressing escape.

SlotsMillion Unique Experience

All in all, it appears SlotsMillion is granting players an unbelievable privilege to join gambling online world via their unique virtual reality casino. In addition to playing the most popular games for real money, this is a way to bring everything to a new level. In other words, there is a chance to spend hours strolling from game to game in genuine, authentic casino surroundings. Apart from authenticity, connecting to players around the globe is only seconds away, and all that from the comfort of your own home. Accessing virtual reality casino is quite simple and by deciding to use goggles, it only gets better. The latter isn’t required though, it’ll provide a unique, surreal gaming adventure.

In the end, for all those who crave a genuine sensation of a real live casino but visiting one at the moment just isn’t an option, SlotsMillion Casino offers the next best thing with its virtual reality casino, the first of its kind.

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