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Aristocrat Establishes a New Enterprise for Macau Operations

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Aristocrat Leisure Limited has shared an announcement about the establishment of a new limited liability company which will be in charge of all their operations in Macau. Gambling machine manufacturer from Australia had to reach this decision due to a directive, made by Macau government, demanding that all gaming machine manufacturers conduct business through an LLC and not a subsidiary of a company with foreign ownership.

The Growth of Macau

As of now, Aristocrat Technologies Macau Limited will replace Aristocrat (Macau) Proprietary Limited, a subordinate who’s license by Macau’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau regulator, has just expired. According to Aristocrat Leisure Limited, these changes have been made to continue their operations in Macau. It was all initiated by the Macau government and their officials’ agreement that all local gaming machine providers need to register as limited liability enterprises in the special administrative region of China.

It’s been noted that LLC requests had been introduced a few years back but they haven’t been implemented to the letter up until now.

Aristocrat on the New Enterprise

In the statement from Aristocrat, it was revealed that the directive draft had a date set on January 1, 2019. Despite that, at this point, there are still no revised regulations, made available to the public. To get ahead of things by switching all business affairs to limited liability company, and at the same time, to fulfill all mandatory requirements, Aristocrat Leisure Limited has founded Aristocrat Technologies Macau Limited. Their new venture is finally locally-registered company and it can continue with business as usual.

The new establishment already has a license from the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, valid until the end of March 2020 or earlier in case of suspension or being revoked.

Chris Rowe, Asia-Pacific Managing Director for Aristocrat Leisure elaborated that Aristocrat Technologies Macau Limited ownership fully remains in Australia-based headquarters. When it comes to management, according to him, everything stays as it is. Furthermore, they are making sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible and without any disturbance.

More About Aristocrat

Aristocrat is one of the biggest gambling machine suppliers in the world. They were founded in 1953 in Australia and up till now, they have spread their influence in more than 90 countries and 240 jurisdictions. Being focused on innovation, they’ve aimed to deliver the best possible solutions to their customers. Thanks to a team of professionals and their unwavering commitment, Aristocrat provides a range of products, including casino management system, social gaming and electronic gaming machines that are used by both online casinos and live casino establishments worldwide.

With a goal to make advancement with their technology in order to improve their impressive portfolio, they create innovative solutions, stamped with fresh ideas. In addition to their success so far, they keep on with good work in every aspect of their business. As mentioned previously, they move forward, incorporating the latest technology and at the same time, making changes in the gambling industry. Everything they do is to provide their consumers with the best gaming products, available in the market.

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