Home Casino News Atlantic City Casinos Saw Significant Gaming Revenue Increases in August

Atlantic City Casinos Saw Significant Gaming Revenue Increases in August

Atlantic City Casinos Saw Significant Gaming Revenue Increases in August
Atlantic City revenue on the rise

August was definitely a great month for nine Atlantic City land-based casinos which saw the fifteenth consecutive month of significantly increased gross gaming revenues. For the month of August, one of the most iconic city’s casinos Boardwalk generated massive gaming revenue of around $352.8 million which is highly more when compared to its generated gaming revenue of $303.9 million for the same period last year.

This is a great 16 percent increase. Commenting on the news, many casino operators active in Atlantic City said that the 2019 summer was one if not the best summer in recent times for the entire city’s gambling industry. According to the press release by the New Jersey Gaming Enforcement Department, DGE, casinos operating here enjoyed a great 6 percent hike which equals to around $286 million for August.

When it comes to the win for online gambling, it equals around $24 million which is actually a massive 65 percent increase when compared to the same period last year. Moreover, the reported gross revenues for wagering on sports were very impressive standing at around $25 million for August which is significantly more than reported gross revenues for the same month last years which were around $9.2 million.

Atlantic City Casinos Enjoying Increased Visitation and Strong Employment

Considering these rising numbers and percentages related to the city’s gambling industry, it is obvious that gambling facilities of Atlantic City saw highly increased visitation and strong employment which naturally resulted in highly increased gross gaming revenues collected not only for August but for the 2019 summer as a whole. When it comes to gross gaming revenues for the city’s industry for this period, they stand at around $2.2 billion through the month of August 2019.

This actually reflects an impressive 22 percent improvement and gain when compared to the previous period in which gross gaming revenues for the industry equaled to around $1.8 billion. Considering the numbers, there is a massive percent swell over the month of August 2018 whose casino win amounted to $1.8 billion. As previously mentioned, the online gaming win for August 2018 saw a stunning 56.6 percent hike to around $297 million when compared to the month of August 2018.

Reported gross gaming revenues for wagering on sports were equally impressive standing at $152 million for August 2019. All in all, the summer of 2019 was one of the best summers in the history of Atlantic City’s gambling industry with reported gross gaming revenues hiked up over 11 percent when compared to the same period including three months last year.

Significantly Increased Interest in the City’s Offering

Commenting on the news, the Casino Control Commission’s Chairman James Plousis told to the Press of Atlantic City that these remarkable results just show that there the city is enjoying a highly increased customer interest in what the city offers in the industry. He also added that this increased customer interest forces leading operators to make strides in other to adjust and stay relevant in the city’s extremely competitive environment.

Commenting on the revenues’ positive showing, the Lloyd D. Levenson Institute’s executive director Rummy Pandit said that gross gaming revenues for August show an extremely very positive trend for the city in general. He also said that the city continues to generate higher gross gaming revenues mainly due to its consistent growth which further strengthens its reputation as one of the premier destinations for all casino enthusiasts.

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