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BetSoft’s New Carnaval Forever Slot Launched

Carnaval Forever slot by BetSoft

The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is in the full swing at the moment. Millions of people are dancing their way through the streets. As the biggest carnival in the world, it’s definitely one of those must-see events. In case that’s not an option for some reason, BetSoft has made sure players can enjoy the magnificent Rio carnival from the comfort of their own home. Furthermore, they’ll get to delight in Samba rhythms in their brand new Carnaval Forever video slot.

This amazing game is brought on BetSoft’s SHIFT platform or more precisely, its 2.0 version. Considering the provider has delivered some quality work, it’s no surprise Carnaval Forever brings stunningly designed imagery. It was released on February 22th which gave an excellent opportunity for some carnival preview.

Since there aren’t many slots machines with this particular theme, the new BetSoft game brings a breath of freshness to the reels.

The Seductive Samba Rhythm

With an intriguing theme, accompanied by bright, explosive colors, BetSoft beautifully conjures one of the greatest events in the world. This incredible experience also includes seductive Samba sounds which leave players wanting for more. In addition to beautiful dancers, led by their Queen, the game offers 5 reels and 20 paylines.

Aside from various tones, dispersed all over, a great many details can be found as well by spinning these boastful reels.

Special Features of the Carnaval Forever

It might be expected that such colorful and boasting edition has numerous features, embedded in gameplay. However, as the celebration unravels, basic, solid features will emerge, allowing Wild and Scatter to work their Samba magic throughout the festival. The Scatter activates the Bonus round while the Wild has substitution abilities during the festivities.

The Queen, in her Scatter role, can lead to 9 free spins as well as win extra free rounds. Apart from the mentioned chances to win, there are two more available options, added to this stunning slot. The first is the Gamble and the second, a Buy feature opportunity. The latter grants the bonus round instantly, costing 250,00 coins in total.

Dance Through the Night

Perhaps visiting Rio right now isn’t an option. On the other hand, the immersive Carnaval Forever video slot will supply the next best thing. While dancing through the night, it’ll enable stars in the bright, blue sky, seductive sounds, gorgeous dancers with their Queen at the beginning of the parade and so much more. With alluring Samba moves, the slot opens doors to the best celebration in the world. The features might be basic, but they do have great potential. With everything said, the only thing left to do is join millions of people in these fascinating festivities via Carnaval Forever game. It’s engaging and it’ll keep players coming back for more.

All in all, this is another captivating release from BetSoft with entertaining content. They’ve managed to use the perfect theme, present it in the best possible way and also find the perfect timing to launch it. Seems like everything was executed perfectly.

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