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Casino Loyalty Programs Explained

Loyalty programs
Casino loyalty programs give you a chance to get some money back in exchange for your patronage and continued play.

In a sea of online casinos available, those with casino loyalty programs can surely make a difference. If you want to get familiar with all the terms and advantages these programs have to offer, this article will be very helpful. The explanation is understandable to beginners and it contains all the crucial information regarding this subject.

How do Loyalty Programs Work?

First of all, offering a loyalty program is not obligated, but most online casinos have it because they want to attract the players. There is no better way to attract players than by rewarding them for spending time and playing your casino games. It seems like being loyal definitively pays off, since these programs are very popular among online casinos worldwide.

This program works by collecting points every time you play a certain online casino game. There are various casino games in the offer, and they have a different value in points based on their variances. For example, your wager on slot game will result in higher points than your wager in poker, because slots have higher variance than table games, like poker.

Once you choose the right casino site and decide you want to become their loyal player, you will enter the first level of their loyalty program. The way you can make progress and move to higher levels is by earning points, and your progress depends on the volume you wager. For example, if you wager 10 dollars, you will receive one loyalty point. When it comes to payouts, the speed of progress through the levels of loyalty program makes a noticeable difference in favor of online casinos versus land-based casinos.

Players usually reach higher level once every three months, and if they don’t manage to reach the next level, they will stay where they are. There is no chance they will be eliminated from the loyalty program once they’ve entered.

What are the Benefits of Loyalty Programs?

Loyalty programs offer various rewards, and you will be surprised at how generous these programs actually are. You can use the points you’ve earned for free casino credits, exclusive deposit bonuses, and to enter different tournaments.

We’ve already mentioned that loyalty programs have levels, and the higher the level you’re on, the better prizes you’ll be awarded. These benefits include boosted deposit bonuses and gifts for different occasions, like birthdays and holidays, which is very impressive. You will also be able to earn points faster than when you were at the beginning.

You will also be amazed by the individual approach VIP Managers have. They are very dedicated to you and your needs, and their goal is to satisfy those need. For example, if you’re a fan of a sports team they may award you with game tickets, if you like to travel, they may arrange a trip, etc.

As you can conclude from all that was stated above, being loyal to a casino that offers a loyalty program is certainly a fantastic experience. If you’re passionate about casino games, this is a perfect way to increase your payout and enjoy all the various perks.

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