Construction Work on City of Dreams Mediterranean by Melco International Development Limited Resumes

Construction Work on City of Dreams Mediterranean by Melco International Development Limited Resumes
City of Dreams Mediterranean Construction Resumes

As reported several days ago, one of the most prominent casino operators globally Melco International Development Limited has finally renewed construction work on its City of Dreams Mediterranean venue. The coming gambling-friendly facility is located in Cyprus and the operator responsible for the venue can renew construction work after the local government decided to lift coronavirus-related safety restrictions which also included a series of construction restrictions and limitations.

According to one report released by Inside Asian Gaming, the Melco International Development Limited Company based in Hong Kong used one of its official press releases to share more details about the renewing construction work on its City of Dreams Mediterranean venue. In this press release, the company’s officials said that the construction re-start will be carried out under a very strict collection of guidelines that were previously issued by the Department of Labor Inspection and Ministry of Labor for this island nation.

Alongside these guidelines, Melco International Development Limited will also have to follow a collection of safety and protection guidelines issued by the island nation’s Medical and Public Health Services under the nation’s Ministry of Health. The company will also be implementing a series of other public health protection measures and actions that will require all construction workers and other employees to wear protective gear including gloves and facemasks.

Additional Protective Measures to be Taken

According to officials at Melco International Development Limited, the company will take additional measures to protect its employees. Those who are working on the $548 million-worth casino gambling venue will wear protective gear while they will be required to undergo temperature checks daily and submit their internal health declarations. The company also detailed that all of its crowded offices, as well as other shared space, will be cleaned multiple times daily while all employees will be provided with hand sanitizes located at the construction site’s gates.

As reported by Inside Asian gaming, the highly prominent Melco International Development Limited company at the beginning had hoped to be able to officially open its City of Dreams Mediterranean venue packed with five hundred rooms by the end of 2021. However, according to some of its latest public releases and according to the company’s Vice-President Mr. Cornish, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has affected the company’s original timeline planned for the City of Dreams Mediterranean.

Melco International Development Limited Committed to Its Cyprus Project

While the company’s initial timeline for its City of Dreams Mediterranean venue has been negatively affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Melco International Development Limited remains one hundred percent committed to this project. As stated by the company’s Vice-President several days ago, the main company’s goal related to its Cyprus project is to deliver an excellent, premium casino gaming experience to every visitor as well as to offer the highest quality service while at the same time ensuring the safest environment to all visitors and guests.

He also added that Melco International Development Limited is well aware of its role in the tourism growth in Cyprus especially during these difficult, rather challenging times of uncertainty. All in all, the company remains committed to its project which will doubtlessly provide a greatly positive impact for the entire island nation’s society. The company already operated a number of satellite gambling friendly-facilities in Paphos, Ayia Napa, Larnaca, and Nicosia which will probably re-open on the 14th of July.

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