Home General News Gambling Research to be in Focus at Upcoming IAGR2019 Conference

Gambling Research to be in Focus at Upcoming IAGR2019 Conference

Gambling Research to be in Focus at Upcoming IAGR2019 Conference
The gaming conference taking place in Jamaica will focus on various areas of gambling research

The upcoming International Association of Gaming Regulations conference which takes place in Jamaica from the 30th of September to the 3rd of October will focus on behavioral biases and gambling research in general. Those individuals who are interested in these subjects related to online gambling behavioral biases and those who may motivate people to bet are being invited to this conference.

The International Association of Gaming Regulations is an annual online gaming-related conference which this year takes all interested individuals to Jamaica. As reported several days ago by European Gaming Media and Events, this year’s central event at the International Association of Gaming Regulations will be held at the stunning Half Moon Resort located near Montego Bay.

The Behavioural Insights Team Attending the Conference

All attendees will enjoy talks from many experts in the field including Jack Wilson who works for 2CV Research and from The Behavioural Insights Team’s officials. The Las Vegas-based organization, The Behavioural Insights Team used their official press release in order to detail that the organization primarily focuses on researching a variety of gambling behaviors before using collected data for advising private entities, government departments and gaming regulators.

The organization is also focused on designing different responsible gaming policies based on data and evidence collected. In its official press release, the organization also stated that its team’s leader Aisling will be one of the conference’s main speakers who will have a keynote session in which she will detail the organization’s work as well as share valuable recommendations for regulators, governments and practitioners.

As previously mentioned, the organization generates and applies their uniquely collected gaming behavioral insights in order to help all sorts of entities related to the industry to improve their public services, inform policies as well as deliver more positive results for both communities and individuals. The organization works across all sorts of issues to deliver low cost, creative and scalable solutions.

Besides working in the iGaming industry, The Behavioural Insights Team also focuses on philanthropy, social capital, economy and work, taxes, local services and government, international development, wellbeing and health, society, skills and education, sustainability, environment, energy, finance, and consumers. The organization has grown from a small, seven-person organization working from a small UK-based office to one of the leading social purposes firms with multiple offices located around the world.

The organization’s work expanded across thirty-one county only in the previous year. It has run more than seven hundred and fifty projects including around four hundred controlled trials in many different countries. Besides their interventions, the organization openly help others and share their expertise with everyone interested and this is what they will do at the conference.

Sharing Information on Common Risky Practices

As it was reported, Aisling is looking forward to attending the conference especially as she will share important information on all sorts of common, yet very risky practice which her team has identified as online gaming behavioral biases. She will also share important information or how to avoid these risky practices and increase responsible gaming and safer play practices.

Besides her speech, the conference attendees will also enjoy listening to the 2CV Research Head of Digital Mr. Wilson who will share his company’s extensive digital research which included more than one hundred participants from all over the United Kingdom and lasted for several months.

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