Home General News Gamevy Becomes Member of Yggdrasil Gaming’s Masters Program

Gamevy Becomes Member of Yggdrasil Gaming’s Masters Program

Gamevy Becomes Member of Yggdrasil Gaming's Masters Program
Gamevy joins Yggdrasil Gaming Masters

Gamevy is one of those highly promising online casino content developers. This publicly listed company emerged on the online casino gaming stage back in 2013. Besides its main offices in the United Kingdom, the company also has offices in Spain and Germany and it is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Since its beginnings, Gamevy has been fully focused on delivering its customers the most innovative online casino games which capture the imaginations of new generations of online casino players. Gamevy is also an award-winning operator that employs a dedicated team of marketers, software developers, and designers who both enjoy building and playing games.

When it comes to the company’s iGaming products and services, Gamevy is best known for its GameShows platform which is the world’s very first platform of this kind that allows players to test their skills and luck. Over the years, Gamevy has also introduced an array of scratch card games as well as loads of super entertaining slot games such as The Link. As revealed by the company’s officials, Gamevy will be joining Yggdrasil Gaming’s Masters program to expand its presence across different online casino gaming industries.

Yggdrasil Gaming’ Masters Program

Yggdrasil Gaming is one of the most successful online casino content developers. The company was founded in 2013 and since its beginnings, it has emerged as one of the leaders in the industry following other highly acclaimed and respected online casino content developers. As a provider of premium, superior iGaming solutions and products, Yggdrasil Gaming covers three iGaming verticals including bingo, table games, and finally casino slots.

What is even more, Yggdrasil Gaming also operates its YG Masters program. With this program, the company is inviting the elite of online casino content developers to use the company’s tools on its iSense 2.0 platform in order to create an irresistible, powerful, and unique gaming combination. Members of the company’s Masters program have their games included in the company’s iGaming portfolio alongside being offered leading Boost tools.

What is even more, members of the program benefit from Yggdrasil Gaming’s proven certification and testing processes as well as take part in the company’s powerful network campaigns and finally have their online casino gaming content delivers to over forty leading casino gaming operators. One of the latest online casino content developers to become a member of the YG Masters program is Gamevy.

Terms and Conditions of the Business Deal

Over the years, Yggdrasil Gaming’s Masters program has grown to include a number of prominent online casino content developers which today build an unrivaled roster of Yggdrasil Gaming’s studios partners. Since Gamevy will be joining the network, it will have access to the program’s super innovative GATI technology for bigger growth and swifter scalability.

Since the company’s Masters program was created to help game development studios to produce, design, and distribute their content using Yggdrasil Gaming’s technology, Gamevy can expect to reach more online casino gaming markets. What is even more, as a member of the program, Gamevy will also gain access to its partner’s language-agnostic and GATI standardized technology alongside other Yggdrasil Gaming’s innovative iGaming solutions which enable content developers to safely and quickly craft online casino gaming content and distribute it across the company’s distribution network.

In the future, Gamevy will probably cross-sell its online casino gaming titles to some Yggdrasil Gaming Franchisee which naturally delivers new revenue streams for all parties involved in the process.

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