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Gaming Businesses in Nevada to Re-Open After the Pandemic Shutdown

Gaming Businesses in Nevada to Re-Open
After a long hiatus, Nevada casinos are finally getting ready to get back on track

According to Steve Sisolak who is Nevada’s Governor, gaming businesses including land-based casinos that operate within the state’s borders will be allowed to re-open starting from the 4th of June after over two months of being shut down. Just this week, the state’s Governor Mr. Sisolak released his official statement in which he shared more details about the state’s casino gaming industry.

In this official statement, Mr. Sisolak also released his Roadmap to Recovery Phase 2 plan according to which the Las Vegas Strip casinos and other gaming operators get to resume their operations the following week. Commenting on the overall situation regarding mandatory shutdowns of casinos and other gaming businesses, Steve Sisolak said in his official statement that residents of the state have done a great job with helping the state’s officials and health care providers to flatten the curve.

Roadmap to Recovery Phase 2 Ready to Start

He also said that he is thankful to every single resident and to every single business in the state for understanding the severity of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. He also said that he is thankful to everyone who has taken those necessary safety measures such as wearing protective face masks. His statement also reads that their collective actions which lasted for over two months have helped the state’s officials to finally start the Roadmap to Recovery Phase 2 which includes re-opening gaming businesses.

Before this statement, the state’s Governor Mr. Sisolak revealed in his public pre-Memorial Day press releases that as long as there is not a great spike in the number of new infections with COVID-19, he may allow the state’s land-based casinos to re-open starting from the 4th of June. In this press release, he said that he will first discuss these options with health officials as well as with the main casino gaming governing body for the state of Nevada, the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Positive Data Trends

Since there was not a spike in the number of new COVID-19 infections in the state, the state’s casinos can finally resume their operations. There was a meeting held on the 26th of May and here Steve Sisolak revealed that based on rather positive data trends or downward trends of COVID-19 infections in the Silver State, he let the Gaming Control Board’s officials know that he is rather confident in the re-opening target date set for the 4th of June.

While discussing his further plans with the Gaming Control Board’s chair, he also mentioned a thirty-one-day sustainable and consistent downward trend in new infections with COVID-19 as well as downward trends in hospitalizations related to COVID-19 infections.

Back in March, the Gaming Control Board’s officials have established a series of safety and health guidelines in order to protect casino visitors as well as all employees and other included parties. At the conclusion of the latest workshop which was held by the Gaming Control Board that is responsible for the casino industry in the Silver State, Sandra Douglass Morgan who is the board’s Chairwoman said that the board would release another industry notice with some extra compliance requirements and rules that gaming business which re-open after the 4th of June will have to follow.

Commenting on this, the state’s Governor said during the latest press call that agents and other employees of the Nevada Gaming Control Board will work hard to ensure that all of the rules and safety guidelines set by the board are being followed by gaming businesses as well as their customers. Needless to say, these guidelines will include wearing protective face masks, as well as practicing social distancing.

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