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Golden Grimoire Slot Announced by NetEnt AB

NetEnt AB
Golden Grimoire Slot Announced

Even though they were granted a New Jersey license only a couple of days ago, NetEnt AB continues with good work and already introduces a new Golden Grimoire video slot. This game, according to the official press release, is a mix of magic and mystery with a logo of the firm’s artisans, embedded on one of the symbols. Furthermore, it’s mentioned the slot is created with 5 reels, 20 paylines and accompanied by fluctuation effect. Also, thanks to transformation occurrence included in gameplay, Golden Grimoire carries a promise of entertainment and lucrative wins which is something players will surely appreciate.

Spells and Sorcery

During their official press release, the Swedish provider revealed that Golden Grimoire is a blend of magic and mystery; something like a magical portal to another dimension. As the title indicates, it’s inspired by ancient sorcery books, filled with spells and other sorts of infamous rituals. Therefore, it’s definitely an interesting theme and it’ll be hard to resist such a mix. Since NetEnt has offered exceptional graphics solutions so far, it’s easy to expect nothing but the best.

Apart from the captivating theme, they’ve also announced the game has excellent winning opportunities, expressed through thoroughly engaging features. For example, there are mysterious and sticky symbols, accompanied by mesmerizing transformations, Wild and free spins. Furthermore, transformations have quite an impact by covering a complete row. The process gets quite impressive with Wilds on the reels, that’s for sure.

Bryan Upton, NetEnt Games Director said this is a medium volatility game, created with an invaluable input of their team of artists. He also added that Golden Grimoire has a great deal of imagination involved in the making with pentagrams and glowing symbols on the wall. Another contribution from the team of artisans is their logo on the book which appears in the main game.

More Magic from NetEnt

Due to Upton’s statement about the game being doors to another dimension, filled with an ancient magic content, it’s easy to expect exactly that and nothing less since the provider has proven to be one of the best software developers. He also explained that each spin is followed by a great surprise and suspense element. In other words, Golden Grimoire will keep the players on their toes. They’ll get to enjoy dark ancient secrets as they unravel before them, and on the way, take advantage of engaging features.

It’s been noted that NetEnt makes their games into high-level entertainment, and it seems with Golden Grimoire, they have another successful execution. Just by imagining a dark theme, filled with pentagrams, glowing symbols on the wall, fluctuation, transformation, ancient hidden knowledge; doesn’t that sound absolutely fascinating? It certainly does.

Overall, it appears NetEnt made another successful creation with more than attractive opportunities. In addition to lucrative, innovative features which include transformations among others, the provider added intriguing visual elements to Golden Grimoire, making it difficult not to give it a try. The suspense factor, brought on by every spin, is also one of the promising factors of the game.

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