Home General News Governor of Alaska Mike Dunleavy Proposes Lottery Legalization Scheme

Governor of Alaska Mike Dunleavy Proposes Lottery Legalization Scheme

Governor of Alaska Mike Dunleavy Proposes Lottery Legalization Scheme
Thanks to the newly proposed legislation, Alaska could finally get a state-run lottery

As reported several days ago, the Governor for the state of Alaska Mr. Dunleavy has proposed legislation that could see this state establish a state-run lottery as well as legalize online sports betting alongside legalizing video lottery terminals and keno games.

According to one report by the Anchorage Daily News outlet, this proposition form Mike Dunleavy who is a fifty-eight-year-old Republican would actually allow a recently established Alaska Lottery Corporation to start selling tickets for scratch cards. Furthermore, the proposition will also provide local lottery fans with access to the most iconic lottery games, MegaMillions and PowerBall which are available across multiple jurisdictions.

Gambling Laws in Alaska

When it comes to Alaska laws related to gambling and similar entertainment, they are rather restrictive. There is the smallest amount of such opportunities allowed within the state’s borders and these involve charity betting on the state’s sport Dog Mushing and pull-tab games which are paper lottery cards. The state of Alaska does not have some grand story about its gambling beginnings unlike the majority of other states.

In fact, gambling and such entertainment activities have always been a huge no for the state which does not event provide its residents with a lottery. However, residents of the state still find rather creative ways to engage in gambling. For instance, cruise-ships are profitable businesses in Alaska especially in summer which attract loads of visitors who in addition to enjoying the stunning natural beauty of the scenery also enjoy these cruises for other reasons.

Once reaching Canadian territories or other international waters, these cruise ships operating casinos give access to table games and slot machines. When it comes to online gambling, there is no specific law that bans such activities at the state level and no such enforcement has ever been laced. On the other hand, the state’s attorney general has expressed a common opinion that wagering on the computer games outcomes is already covered by the state’s current gambling laws.

Gambling Opportunities in Alaska

The most reliable, fastest way in which residents of Alaska engage in gambling is popular charity betting. According to the state’s charity gambling laws, the Alaskan residents are allowed to play some rather cool real-money wagers such as guessing when the first summer Crane will arrive and similar.

All in all, there are no licensed casinos in the state while tribal establishments of this kind are restricted to just pull-tab and bingo games. There are no regulated poker rooms, no land-based sportsbooks, and there is no State lottery. There is just a couple of bingo halls run by charitable organizations and tribal groups.

Today, the state of Alaska is one of just five US states alongside Nevada, Hawaii, Utah, and Alabama which does not have a state-run lottery. However, this could change if Mr. Dunleavy’s proposal is accepted. According to him, his proposal could also bring around $100 million yearly in taxes as well as aid in closing a fiscal gap which as estimated recently sits at $1.5 billion.

In his official statement, Mr. Dunleavy said that his proposal would not only create loads of new business opportunities for local and international enterprises but would also create massive new revenues for the entire state. He also added that it is imperative for the state to finally consider new opportunities for funding services in the state which satisfy the public welfare and health needs of the state’s residents.

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