Highview Development Group in Iowa Proposes $225 Million-Worth Casino Resort for Des Moines Airport

Highview Development Group in Iowa Proposes $225 Million-Worth Casino Resort for Des Moines Airport
Casino development proposed at Des Moines airport

In the state of Iowa, the Highview Development Group company that is led by Reggie Sinha has presented its $225 million-worth integrated casino and hotel project for the Des Moines International Airport. As revealed, this plan would bring un unparalleled masterpiece which will reflect the best of all airport facilities.

The authority for the Des Moines Airport heard this plan which was revealed several days ago by the Highview Development Group company. The company is one of those premier residential and commercial developers or build companies of the North Shore. It was founded back in 1991, so it has been active in the industry for almost thirty years.

Several of the company’s projects have been featured in numerous architectural publications including House and Garden, North Shore magazine and many others. Over the years, the company has presented a great number of successful architectural projects which involved different environmental issues. These projects were the ones helping the company establish itself as a great provider of full-service construction and development projects which is always one hundred percent dedicated to the preservation of landmark and historic properties.

Highview Development Group and Wild Rose Entertainment

In almost thirty years of its existence, the Highview Development Group company has completed a variety of development, renovation and construction projects including the renovation of a one-hundred-year-old building located in Lake Forest, Illinois as well as another historical building also located in Lake Forest.

When it comes to the company’s latest plans, these involve constructing an integrated casino and hotel resort for the Des Moines Airport. The plan also involves another company, Wild Rose Entertainment that would operate the casino facility that is headquartered in Utah. Established by an entrepreneur Gary Kirke, the Wild Rose Entertainment company released a statement several days ago.

In this statement, the company’s officials support the Authority of the Des Moines Airport in its goal of turning the airport into an excellent, world-class, premium destination facility that will better serve the needs of the community residents as well as the needs of the community’s visitors. The company’s officials also revealed that the Wild Rose Entertainment was not the first nor the only organization that was approached by Reggie Sinha and his company.

Either way, the company’s officials support Reggie Sinha’s project in every sense and they are looking forward to devising their creative solutions which would generate continuous, long-term funding streams for the Des Moines Airport’s needed improvements. Today, Wild Rose Entertainment operates casino facilities in Jefferson, Emmetsburg, and Clinton.

Details About the Proposed Development

The proposed airport development would include a three hundred and fifty-room hotel facility which would be connected to the airport facility. The plan also includes a massive parking area complete with a dancing fountain, restaurants, a rock garden, and several event and meeting facilities. The board of the airport invited Reggie Sinha to repeat his proposed plan and presentation for all members of the board who could not make it for the previous presentation. As reported, one board member was absent while another one attended the meeting via teleconference.

All in all, officials of the airport want to build another $500 million-worth terminal, but as reported they are around $194 million short that the proposed casino and hotel resort plan could mitigate. According to the Highview Development Group’s envisioned facility, it could generate around $85 million on a yearly basis as well as create around one thousand jobs.

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