Home General News Inspired Acquiring Novomatic UK’s Gaming Technology Group for $120 Million

Inspired Acquiring Novomatic UK’s Gaming Technology Group for $120 Million

Inspired Acquiring Novomatic UK's Gaming Technology Group for $120 Million
Inspired Entertainment is set to acquire the GTG at the $120 million price

Inspired Entertainment has announced a definite deal to acquire Novomatic UK’s Gaming Technology Group. Inspired Entertainment Inc. is a global brand known for supplying mobile gaming solutions, virtual sports as well as all sorts of server-based gaming engines with all required digital content and related terminals to global gaming, betting and lottery operators.

Currently, the company operates more than 34,000 gaming terminals and it supplies its virtual sports gaming engines through over 40,000 channels across one hundred websites. Inspired is a well-known name across more than thirty-five jurisdictions over the world. The company’s headquarters is in London’s office which employs several hundred professionals in the field.

Following the most recent company’s announcement, a big slice of the United Kingdom AWP will change once the acquisition is done. In fact, the country’s biggest names in the industry Gamestec Leisure alongside other prominent operators including Astra Games, Playnation and Bell Fruit Group are currently changing hands to Inspired.

A Definite Agreement Which Combines All Major UK-Based Operators

The deal between Inspired Gaming and NTG or Gaming Technology Group of Novomatic UK was announced to an extremely surprise industry two days ago on the 11th of June. This is a definite agreement to acquire NTG which will eventually combine all of the biggest UK operators. As previously mentioned, Inspired Entertainment is one of the major UK-based suppliers and developers of the B3 terminals and higher-payout B2 terminals in the United Kingdom.

On the other hand, Novomatic United Kingdom-based company operates and manufacture the lower D, C and sometimes B3 categories. This means that the deal between the two powerhouses will instantly elevate Inspired into the United Kingdom’s main dealer and operators regarding the street market. Hence, the company will be able to further expand its business not only across land-based gambling facilities in the country but also across many other sectors both in the British as well as in the European gambling industry.

Once the acquisition deal is done, Inspired will be operating around 75,000 machines. Following the news about the deal, the company chairman, Lorne Weil said that the company’s acquisition deal with NTG is a huger step for Inspired simply because it will enable them to significantly increase the scope, scale, and site of their business ventures by combining their services with the NTG business. Weil also added that the company expects to leverage its game content, respective footprints, and operational capabilities in order to augment the company’s already exciting business growth trends.

The Two Companies Have Much in Common

Despite the fact that NTG and Inspired currently operate two different segments, they still have much in common especially in terms of providing services and resources for consumers and customers. Thanks to this acquisition deal, Inspired would be able to provide extra resources for the company’s core business by combining machine portfolios and great contents from both powerhouses.

Moreover, the company expected to achieve around $13 million synergies through increased scale and shared cost. Weil also added that Inspired hopes to bring efficient use of shared software development, engineering, customer service, and manufacturing in order to drive cost savings and growth after the acquisition deal closes. As mentioned at the beginning, Inspired paid $120 million for the NTG acquisition and the deal is expected to close several months from now.

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