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Japan Hokkaido Prefecture Abandoning Casino License Race?

Japan Hokkaido Prefecture Abandoning Casino License Race?
Will Hokkaido abandon the casino plans?

Hokkaido is the second biggest island in Japan as well as the largest Japanese prefecture. The prefecture is home to many entertainment and resort establishments that have flourished in this area over the years. However, the prefecture is not home to a casino resort and considering the most recent press release by the Governor of the prefecture, the area will not become home to one.

According to the governor’s press release, the officials of the Hokkaido Prefecture have decided that this jurisdiction will withdraw from the casino license race which has been going on for quite some time. The race will secure several companies that are still in the game a trio of full casino licenses which will eventually allow operators to construct and manage fully integrated casino resorts.

According to one report released by GGRAsia, the prefecture’s Governor Naomichi Suzuki made this revelation on the 29th of November which came as a part of a related discussion in the prefectural assembly of Sapporo. In his official press released, the Governor explained that the move to withdraw from the casino license race was part of the prefecture’s effort to somehow allay fears that the proposed casino resort site is too closely located to a wildlife sanctuary situated near Lake Utonai.

Issues with the $10 Billion-Worth Casino Resort Plan

It was also reported by GGRAsia that the Japanese officials for the nation’s northernmost prefecture had recently floated a big plan which seen the officials push for one of the trios of casino licenses which will allow them to construct and manage a $10 billion-worth fully integrated casino resort which was planned for the outskirts of the Tomakomai community. Nonetheless, the plan allegedly projected that it could take even three years to efficiently conduct the necessary environmental impact examination on the property.

Soon after the plan was proposed, many individuals related to the project became concerned regarding whether the Hokkaido Prefecture’s officials would be able to submit their fully competed bid with the nation’s federal selectors before the final deadline date comes on the 30th of June, 2021.

After the prefecture’s jurisdiction decided to withdraw from the race altogether, the prefecture’s Governor Naomichi Suzuki told to legislators that constructing an managing a fully integrated casino resort in the prefecture which would coexist with the wildlife sanctuary and nature has massive potential. On the other hand, he also said that even though the project has massive potential, it would be almost impossible for them to complete the necessary steps before the deadline.

He also said that it would be almost possible for them to give due necessary due consideration to nature and environment as they have rather limited time before the nation’s government finally decides on the fully integrated casino resort locations. The decision made by the prefecture’s thirty-eight-year-old Governor actually followed a massive petition against the integrated casino resort that was signed by over 20,000 individuals.

Petition Against the Integrated Casino Resort Plan

The petition which was against the plan was followed by publication released several days ago whose results have shown that around 66% of the prefecture’s population is actually against bringing a fully integrated casino resort to this area owning to issues and concerns over gambling addiction. All in all, the casino license race to win one of the nation’s trio of casino licenses is now down to nine runners which is bad news for several foreign operators such as Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment that had been seen as one of the front runners to construct and manage the prefecture’s casino resort.

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