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Japanese Legislators Approving Candidates for Casino Management Board

Japanese Legislators Approving Candidates for Casino Management Board
Five candidates for the country's Casino Management Board have finally been approved

In Japan, the nation’s both chambers of its legislature have finally approved the five candidates who were nominated for the Casino Management Board to serve as its inaugural members. According to a recent report from GGRAsia, the Japanese Casino Management Board will serve as the nation’s official regulator of its casino market.

Moreover, the Casino Management Board will also be responsible for formulating a collection of measures that are designed specifically to counter issues related to the industry such as gambling addictions. As reported a while back, the nation’s government has revealed that its main regulatory body for the industry should start working on the 7th of January.

Besides being focused on countering gambling addictions, the Casino Management Board will be also responsible for monitoring gaming operators at each of the nation’s three fully integrated casino resorts. Moreover, it will be responsible for handling all sorts of security matters such as running background checks on employees at integrated casino resorts as well as checking licenses.

Responsibilities of the Casino Management Board

Besides, the nation’s official regulator for the industry will be also responsible for crafting and implementing an assortment of safeguards which will limit gambling-related issues. The news about forming the Casino Management Board came shortly after the Japanese government passed its Integrated Resort Implementation act back in July of last year.

Then, two months ago, the Japanese government released its draft version of the country’s gaming industry policies. On the other hand, those necessary procedural laws which will further detail the licensing and the bidding process, as well as all associated rules which the casinos must abide, will be completed next year.

Regarding the nation’s Casino Management Board, the news about establishing this industry’s regulatory body came with the government’s Basic Economic and Fiscal Management and Reform 2019 file. In this document, the nation’s officials explained that the Casino Management Board is established primarily to address concerns over gambling venues and in order to ensure the highest possible level of gambling regulations in the country’s industry.

Staffed with One Hundred Employees

The nation’s Casino Administration Committee which will work alongside the Casino Management Board will be staffed with around one hundred employees. Alongside working the Casino Management Board, the Casino Administration Committee will also work as Abe’s Cabinet Office external bureau. Furthermore, the agency will be responsible for granting the trio of licenses which will grant operators all of the necessary permissions to construct and manage fully integrated casino resorts.

When it comes to the Casino Management Board, the identities of the chosen candidates were floated for the first time by the nation’s government led by Shinzo Abe Prime Minister over two weeks ago. It was also revealed that the nation’s Prime Minister hopes that the five Casino Board Members approved by the nation’s legislators will be able to start working on their five-year contract terms form the 7th of January.

The Casino Management Board’s nominees approved include Michio Kitamura who is the country’s former Legal Compliance Inspector General for the Ministry of Defense. As reported, he will serve as the Casino Management Board’s Chairman. Other nominees approved are a former Nagoya Regional Taxation Bureau’s head Hiroyuki Ujikane.

The Casino Management Board’s nominees are also joined by Noriko Endo who is a professor at Keio University and Michiko Watari who is a psychiatrist. The fifth Casino Management Board member is Tateshi Higuchi who used to work as the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Superintendent General.

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