Kindred Group Improves Self-Exclusion Measures with Gamban Blocking Software

Kindred Group Improves Self-Exclusion Measures with Gamban Blocking Software
Unibet Applies the Gamban Software

Following its venture into the United States online gambling market, one of the biggest names in the industry, Kindred Group has announced that the company has integrated a free blocking software into its self-exclusion process for the domain. The Maltese company released this statement in its official press release in which it details that Kindred Group was one of the pioneers in the usage of free blocking software.

The same statement details that the company has partnered with Gamban in order to further improve its self-exclusion measures alongside several other responsible gaming measures for its United Kingdom-based players and customers. This means that the company’s flagship brand Unibet is about to become the very first United Kingdom-based operator to integrate free blocking software into its self-exclusion measures.

Pioneers of Integrating Free Blocking Software

Thanks to the company’s partnership with Gamban, Kindred Group’s innovative measures, and approaches will help boost responsible gambling measures which are there solely to help players. It should be noted that Kindred Group has pioneered all sorts of responsible gaming measures in the past such as its innovative detection system named PS-EDS. Moreover, the company was also the very first online gaming operators to integrate free blocking software licenses to its players.

In other words, Kindred Group has always been one of the major blocking software advocates and thanks to its latest Gambian partnership, the company can further enhance its self-exclusion measures to help Unibet players who decide to press pause on their gambling activities temporarily. The company will become the very first to integrate Gamban’s innovative blocking software for a certain exclusion period that will mirror the self-exclusion measure on-website.

This will be the latest addition to the one-year offer that Kindred Group’s partner Gamban currently offers. Moreover, all Unibet customers will have completely unlimited access to the software free of any charge. Following the news, the company’s officials stated that responsible gaming has always been at the very of the company’s agenda and that they are extremely proud to be the very first United Kingdom operator to integrate Gamban’s service within their self-exclusion program for the Unibet gaming platform.

The company’s officials also stated that Kindred Group is happy to ensure that all of their customers can now make fully informed choices as they will have the support and tools, they need in order to enjoy Kindred products fully responsibly. Since the service is completely free of charge, all customers can take steps leading in the right direction. Considering the company’s long-term goals, this is just the beginning of a massive initiative as the company wants to invest more in responsible gaming innovations across its other brands in the near future.

Gamban Blocking Software Effective Across All Sorts of Gambling Websites

Gamban is definitely at the forefront when it comes to blocking software across both regulated and unregulated gaming platforms. The company’s software can be downloaded across all sorts of devices to block players from accessing gaming websites. One of the most recent studies conducted on the Gamban software states that the software is effective up to ninety-nine percent in blocking users from engaging in gambling activities. Since Kindred Group has always been focused on promoting responsible gaming, it was a logical step to include Gamban software into its self-exclusion program.

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