Las Vegas Does Not Welcome Marijuana at Gambling Facilities

Las Vegas Does Not Welcome Marijuana at Gambling Facilities
Land-based casinos in Las Vegas aren't welcoming the idea of marijuana on their premises

Gambling is a massive industry in Las Vegas which we usually refer to as the gambling capital and there is a reason for this. In Las Vegas, players can find all sorts of gambling facilities and numerous land-based venues. The Strip also features all sorts of fun and thrills offered by gambling activities including all sorts of table games, slot machines, video poker games, and much more in one place.

While Las Vegas is often times regarded to as the Sin City, its marijuana laws are not as liberal as some people want them to be. Speaking of marijuana laws in Nevada, weed is legal as of the 1st of January when the state’s representatives made history by deciding on the legalization of recreational marijuana use. Thanks to this Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act, marijuana became legal.

The Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act

By this act, anyone who is over twenty-one years old can possess, buy and consume recreational marijuana. However, there are still many posed laws which govern how marijuana consumers can buy pot, where they can consume it, how much they are allowed to possess and which individuals can cultivate cannabis for their own purposes.

When it comes to Las Vegas cannabis laws, marijuana is legal, but it does not mean that consumers can buy pot from just anyone nor that they can consume pot in every place. Speaking of purchasing, they only completely legal way to obtain marijuana is from the state-regulated, fully licensed dispensary and retail shops. Just like with alcoholic beverages, consumers have to provide their ID or any other identification document which proves that they are at least twenty-one years old.

According to the act, anyone who is over twenty-one years old including both Nevada visitors and residents can have up to an ounce of marijuana flower. What consumers really wonder is whether is it legal to consume marijuana in public including gambling facilities located on the Strip. The answer is no. In fact, everyone who consumes marijuana in any public place such as in cars, retail store and anywhere else can be fined up to $600 and charged for a misdemeanor.

This means that marijuana consumers can smoke only on their private properties hidden from the public eye. Consumers can also be fined for possessing more than one ounce of marijuana or more than twelve marijuana plants. Moreover, driving under the influence of marijuana is also punishable just like drunk driving. When it comes to cultivation of marijuana, first-time offenses are fined with a $600 misdemeanor as well.

Marijuana Not Welcome for Some Time to Come

Despite more liberal Nevada marijuana laws, marijuana is not welcome at gambling facilities in Las Vegas at least not for some time to come according to the most recent panel held at the International Conference on Gambling & Risk Taking. This comes as no surprise considering the fact that federal laws are still working on regulating cannabis rules which until changes made is considered an illegal drug.

While the state voted to make recreational cannabis consumption legal back in 2017, gambling facilities are on the right side of the law as federal laws are not as liberal as the state’s voters. Since all gambling facilities within the state have to comply with both local and federal laws, consumers will have to wait for some time to smoke pot inside Las Vegas-based casinos.

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