Home Casino News Law Enforcement Officials in Eastern China Busted Illegal Gaming Syndicate

Law Enforcement Officials in Eastern China Busted Illegal Gaming Syndicate

Law Enforcement Officials in Eastern China Busted Illegal Gaming Syndicate
Illegal Chinese Gambling Syndicate Busted

According to several local news outlets including Inside Asian Gaming, law enforcement officials in eastern parts of China have arrested several members of a known criminal gang due to many claims that they had been in fact responsible for operating illegal gaming syndicates. According to many claims, these illegal gaming syndicates have helped local residents to engage in gambling activities in casino venues in Macau.

According to one report released by Inside Asian Gaming, the criminal group operating an illegal gambling syndicate mainly operated from Jiangsu Province. It is also believed that the criminal gang encompassed eighteen members including their leader known to the public by his nickname Shi.

The same news outlet also reported several days ago that the unlawful, illegal organization and its members are also suspected of having offered local residents with chips and accounts they later used to engage in gambling activities at one of the thirty-nine Macau gaming venues. Several other local news outlets shared that this illegal organization from Jiangsu Province had netted around $184 in thirteen years from 2007 solely from commissions on those aforementioned advances.

Involvement in the Online Casino Gaming Industry

Situated around eight hundred miles from the former Portuguese enclave Macau, Jiangsu Province is home to over eighty million residents. The province is also one of the nation’s leading technology and finance centers. The criminal organization which mainly operated from Jiangsu Province is also suspected of offering local residents to wager real-money at its unlawful club via the telephone and Internet.

The leader of the criminal organization known by his nickname Shi was arrested back in May of 2018 or the first time. At the time, law enforcement officials referred to his unlawful business as a mega offshore gambling organization that according to the latest financial research had earned around $4.7 million at least in several years. The self-appointed and defined leader and head of this illicit investment firm was sentenced to sixteen years in prison. He was also forced to pay a fine of $17.4 million.

Chinese Authorities Intensifying Efforts to Fight Illegal iGaming Activities

Since August of 2019, law enforcement authorities in China have significantly intensified their efforts to fight illicit online casino gaming activities within its borders. One of the major goals is to combat cross-border illegal online casino gambling alongside combating underground payment platforms and banks which support such activities by allowing Chinese residents to fund illegal casino games.

This official revelation came shortly after the Chinese embassy located in the Philippines asked authorities in the country to wipe out firms and network operators which provide any kind of support for unlawful iGaming venues. The official statement reads that the government of China attaches importance to fighting cross-border casino gaming and gambling activities.

The last year, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security has taken a series of actions that are aimed at combating and preventing cross-border unlawful gambling while more operations will be taken this year. China will also focus on cracking some bigger cases related to criminal organizations that offer illicit overseas online gaming activities to its residents.

The fact is that many Chinese residents engage in illegal gambling after being lured by criminal organizations such as the one which was busted several days ago. Either way, intensified efforts to combat such activities will result in fewer telecom frauds and gambling crimes.

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