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LeoVegas Migrating Twelve Brands to Its Proprietary Technical Platform

LeoVegas Migrating Twelve Brands to Its Proprietary Technical Platform
The company has decided to move 12 of its brands to a fresh, proprietery gaming platform

In the first three months of 2020, LeoVegas has migrated twelve brands to its popular proprietary technical platform. LeoVegas AB is one of the most popular providers of mobile and online casino games. This is a Sweden-based company whose iGaming platform is packed with video poker games, progressive jackpot games, and all other types of online casino games. Today, it operates in the United Kingdom as well as across many other international markets.

The LeoVegas AB company was founded in 2011 in Sweden by Gustaf Hagman and Robin Ramm-Ericson. Some of its most notable products include its LeoVegas Casino, LeoVegas Sportsbook, and LeoVegas Live Casino which are available to customers across Europe. The company’s founders base LeoVegas on the powers of mobile gaming. Today, the company employs over nine hundred individuals which makes it one of the biggest mobile and online gaming firms in Europe and the biggest one when it comes to mobile casinos.

The most prominent iGaming platform LeoVegas-com went live eight years ago and ever since, it has been recognized as the most prominent, leading name especially when it comes to being innovative. In addition to its main office in Stockholm, LeoVegas also has offices in Poland, the United Kingdom, and Italy. Its online sports betting and casino gaming products are all regulated and licensed by the MGA or Malta gaming Authority while in the United Kingdom, LeoVegas operates in compliance with the requirements posed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Pink Casino, 21.co.uk and Bet UK Moved to the Platform

When it comes to the company’s latest business move which involves migrating twelve brands to its technical platform, these brands operate in the United Kingdom under the name of Rocket X. Some of these brands which are affected include Pink Casino, 21.co.uk,and Bet UK which once moved to the platform will most certainly offer better user experience as they will work alongside a more efficient as well as more focused business model.

Moreover, as the migration of those twelve brands is completed, LeoVegas can offer a better user experience to all of its customers thanks to a significantly expanded game offering as well as more banking options. Before making this decision, LeoVegas acquired all of the IPS assets which are now known as Rocket X. At the time, IPS operated via third-party platforms while today the situation is different as all of the operations take place within the LeoVegas proprietary technical platform. This also means that LeoVegas has control over all operations and technologies used by the brands. Needless to say, this move will significantly reduce operational complexity.

Enriched Online Gaming Opportunities

Besides significantly reducing operational complexity, the migration of the twelve brands will also boost online casino gaming choices. In other words, LeoVegas will now offer online casino games which are rarely found elsewhere crafted by prominent third-party online casino games providers. At the same time, the migration also brings significantly expanded functionalities which essentially make it easier for all customers to navigate across different departments when gaming.

Commenting on the news, LeoVegas CEO Gustaf Hagman said that this migration is a major milestone for this company especially for the Group’s technology organization as well as for all employees. According to the company’s CEO, the process of migration was completed as expected in a relatively short time which represents another LeoVegas success.

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