Home General News Local Authorities in Macau Instituting More Measures to Fight Coronavirus Outbreak

Local Authorities in Macau Instituting More Measures to Fight Coronavirus Outbreak

Local Authorities in Macau Instituting More Measures to Fight Coronavirus Outbreak
Macau local authorities continue to work on supressing the coronavirus

Local authorities in Macau have instituted a series of measures which will help the authorities insulate the area from the outbreak of a coronavirus which has so far claimed over eighty lives in China while almost three thousand people are infected. According to one report released by The Straits Times newspaper, this previously unknown, highly-infectious virus was first reported in the city of Wuhan late in December last year.

This highly-infectious virus causes infected victims to develop symptoms that are very similar to pneumonia including breathing difficulties, coughs, shortness of breath and fever. 2019 Novel Coronavirus, also known as 2019-nCoV, belongs to a coronavirus strain which was identified as the cause of the most recent outbreak of severe respiratory problems. Early on, many of the victims in the outbreak in the city of Wuhan had some connection to a massive animal and seafood market in this city which suggests animal-to-human spread.

Nonetheless, a growing number of victims of the virus have not had any exposure to these seafood and animal markets which indicates that the spread of the virus from a person to a person is also occurring. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, the most recent virus outbreak in China is closely monitored. The outbreak has resulted in almost three thousand confirmed cases and this number is rapidly growing with confirmed cases found outside of China including the United States, Japan, Australia, and several other international locations.

Previous Measures Employed in Macau

As reported two weeks ago, health officials in the Macau Special Administrative Region have taken certain steps to combat the most recent outbreak including installing body temperature monitors at certain public spaces including entry points at land-based casinos in the area as well as entry points at the Portas do Cerco border and Macau Ferry Terminal.

With the count of infected individuals growing every day, Macau health officials have decided to fight this outbreak by employing a series of further measures besides installing body temperature monitors. According to the area’s health officials, the staff at every one of Macau’s forty casinos must wear protective face masks. Moreover, the staff at casinos in the area also must institute schemes that require every single arriving visitor to provide information for a health declaration form.

Authorities in the area have also revealed that they will more regularly clean different public spaces such as bus stops and taxi stops alongside other measures including installing body temperature monitors. As reported by The Straits Times newspaper, the new measures were revealed shortly after Macau identified its very first victim of the most recent virus outbreak.

The identified victim is a fifty-two-year-old businesswoman who had visited Wuhan several days ago via train. It was also revealed that the virus victim has stayed at the Macau New Orient Landmark Hotel with two friends who were admitted to a nearby hospital to undergo necessary treatment.

Global Consequences and Danger

Macau’s Social Affairs and Culture Secretary Ao Ieong Iu said to The Straits Times newspaper that Macau experienced a massive increase in tourists over the weekend due to Chinese New Year celebrations which surely puts in danger millions. Ao Ieong also said that visitors from Wuhan are not banned, but everyone should be cautious. So far, almost three thousand individuals are affected across China with several cases identified in the USA, Thailand, Australia, France and Austria which makes the virus a global threat.

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