Macau Gaming Staff Rights Association Calling for Better Working Conditions and Pay Rises

Macau Gaming Staff Rights Association Calling for Better Working Conditions and Pay Rises
Macau gaming employees seeking better working conditions

The Macau-based gambling industry is doubtlessly one of the most profitable globally with massive gross gaming revenues generated yearly. Speaking of gambling in the area, it has been legal for decades now or more specifically since the 1850s following the Portuguese government that decided to legalize such activities within the borders of the autonomous colony. Since these times, this special administrative region has become known as the gambling capital.

In fact, gambling tourism is the biggest source of revenue for the area as it makes over 50% of the region’s overall economy. Macau visitors and tourists are mainly Chinese nationals from Hong Kong and other areas of China who cannot legally gamble in their hometowns. Following the entry of leading, international casino operators from Australia and Las Vegas, the Macau gambling industry’s gross gambling revenues from several years ago overtook Las Vegas.

Gambling Industry in Macau

Only Chinese games were played at Macau-based casinos until western-style games were finally introduced in the 20th century. Today, gambling in this area can be divided into several different categories including lotteries, sports betting, greyhound racing, and casino games while Macau does not offer online casino gaming operations, at least not yet.

Gambling activities are extremely popular in the area since this is the only place in the country where gambling facilities are legal. Since its inception many years ago, the industry and the businesses involved have grown at a rapid pace especially after the region’s government decided to end the massive, four-decade monopoly of gambling activities held by Stanley Ho.

All things considered, the special administrative region of Macau is doubtlessly the gambling capital which regularly grosses the biggest gambling revenues when compared to other areas with profitable gambling industries. In fact, since the 1960s, over 50% of the region’s official revenues have been mainly driven by the gambling industry. This extremely high percentage remained steady in later years especially after the market was opened to foreign casino operators.

As of 2016, Macau is home to thirty-eight casinos of that the biggest is iconic Venetian Macau. The majority of Macau-based casinos are situated on the Macau Peninsula while then casinos are located on Taipa Island. All of these gambling facilities operate under government franchises and all of them operate under strict rules as posed by the government.

A Local Trade Union Holding a Demonstration

As reported several days ago, a local trade union in Macau has announced that it plans to hold a massive demonstration in hopes to secure better working conditions and pay rises for over 50,000 casino employees in Macau. According to one report by GGRAsia, this revelation came from the New Macau Gaming Staff Rights Association whose officials said that they plan on holding a march that should run for one mile before the crowd gathers at the city’s Chief Executive office.

The New Macau Gaming Staff Rights Association officials told to several local news outlets that the association is demanding immediate pay rises for casino employees of 5%, as well as legislation which would require casino operators to pay their employees a yearly bonus that should be worth around what they earn in two months. Moreover, the labor union is also eager to secure all casino employees’ mandatory allowances for all night shift employees as well as a policy that would guarantee these employees five working days weekly at minimum. Besides, the labor union also wants to guarantee casino employees at least twenty-two days of yearly leave.

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