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Melco Headquarters Potential Move to Japan

Melco Headquarters Potential Move to Japan
Melco Headquarters could move to Japan

It’s expected that Japan will reach a decision about the first three sites for an integrated resort (IR) during the next year. Making a choice about who’ll be the managing operators should also be revealed. It’s widely known that Melco Resorts is on the shortlist, and in anticipation for being given this opportunity, the company has already started the hiring process. In addition, Lawrence Ho, the company’s chairman and CEO has disclosed that in case they’re selected, their headquarters will be transferred to Japan as will he.

Making the Final Decision

Even though Ho has already brought the subject about moving their headquarters to Japan from their base in Hong Kong, according to the latest info, he just made it official. It happened during Japan Gaming Congress presentation in Tokyo when he confirmed that if they’re licensed for development of an integrated resort, then he, along with his executive team will move to Japan.

A preview of what’s in store if they’re granted permission for IR in Japan has been available to the public. Their potential venue in Osaka includes a MICE vision (meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions). According to Pim Robberechts, Melco VP, Design (Japan), their concept would deliver an outstanding experience.

Their plans involve over 121 acres in Yumeshima Island in Osaka, featuring six hotels, the greatest garden in Japan, water amusement park, space for gambling activities and other attractive prospects like performers hanging from the roof.

Melco’s Advantage over Competitors

Thanks to their monetary advantage, Melco has been one of the most likely candidates to be picked for IR. Lawrence Ho has stated that they’re ready to invest $10 billion or even more to bring their vision to life. And even though the amount is pretty much the same as the offers made by their competitors, Ho confidently claims that their plan has a better concept. One of their competitors is Las Vegas Sands which, in his opinion, will fail to deliver with its MICE model, used for Marina Bay Sands. He elaborated that it can’t be applied in Japan as it was in Singapore.

His claims are backed by Robberechts who’s a former Senior VP of Design for the Sands Corporation. Due to his previous position, he’s quite familiar with Sands operations. In fact, he was leading the team in charge of Marina Bay Sands development, and since lately there have been various correlations between MBS and Japan, he felt the need to give his assessment of the situation. In his professional opinion, MICE model which was used in MBS can’t applicable to Japan.

On the other hand, according to Robberechts, Melco’s plans are something entirely different; exceptional even. Furthermore, they are the next level when it comes to integrated resorts. Because of his vast experience in building MICE facilities worldwide, he feels confident in offered projections concerning Japan integrated resort and his company as a potential candidate.

Overall, it appears that the leading gambling companies are keen on getting a license and building their integrated casino resort in Japan.

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