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Nagasaki Prefecture Eager to Select the Operating Partner for Its Fully Integrated Casino Resort

Nagasaki Prefecture Eager to Select the Operating Partner for Its Fully Integrated Casino Resort
Nagasaki Prefecture looking for casino resort operator

Nagasaki Prefecture is a Japanese region located on the Kyushu island. The population of the area was over 1,3 million citizens as estimated on the 1st of June, 2019. The prefecture was created from the western half of the Hizen together with the province of Iki and Tsushima. Historically, the region was an important center for pirates and traders. Back in the sixteenth century, the area started welcoming Catholic missionaries and Portuguese traders thanks to which it became a key center for international trade.

Today, Nagasaki Prefecture is home to stunning architecture and tourist destinations including Nagasaki Bio Park, Suwa Shrine, Hirado Castle, Shinchi Chinatown, Urakami Cathedral, Glover Garden, Mount Inasa, Shimabara Castle and many other. This area of over one million citizens may also become home to a fully integrated casino resort.

Nagasaki Prefecture Joining the Race to Host One of Nation’s Trio of Casino Resorts

As reported by the Inside Asian Gaming news outlet, the prefecture’s officials have announced that they are extremely eager to have chosen the preferring casino operating partner for their region’s already envisioned fully integrated casino resort by the next autumn. Nagasaki Prefecture decided to join the race which will secure all of the mandatory rights to construct and operate one of Japanese three integrated casino resorts back in January.

Shortly after joining the race, officials of the prefecture have also launched the RFC or initial request for the concept phase of its business strategy plan nine months after joining the race. Inside Asian Gaming also reported that this southern Kyushu island community of around 1,3 million citizens hopes to be given all of the mandatory official permissions which will allow Nagasaki Prefecture to bring a casino resort constructed in a Las Vegas-style to its area or more specifically to its popular Huis Ten Bosch theme park.

The theme park is situated very close to the city of Sasebo. Since the initial plan was submitted, it has managed to attract interested from several casino operating parties including one of the most prominent European casino operators Casinos Austria International. The company operates many international entertainment and casino facilities in Austria, Egypt, Canada, and Argentina. It’s resorts and casinos include Reef Casino and Casino Canberra in Australia, Casino Royale and Casino Semiramis in Egypt, Las Lenas ski resort located in Argentina and Great Blue Heron Casino located in Canada.

Nagasaki Prefecture Holding a Public Consultation Period

Even though the majority of gambling activities are illegal in the country, the nation of over 126 million citizens will become home to a trio of fully integrated casino resorts after the Prime Minister coalition government passed legislation back in July of 2018. To be selected as hosts for these coming $10 billion-worth integrated casino facilities, communities are required to partner with foreign operators before they can submit their official plans to the country’s federal government. The deadline is set for the 30th of July, 2021.

As reported also by Inside Asian Gaming, Nagasaki Prefecture is currently due to hold a public consultation period which must last at least four weeks. During this period, the prefecture’s officials will invite views on its submitted plan on constructing and managing a casino resort on a seventy-four-acre site which is located adjacent to the theme park. After this period, the prefecture’s officials will establish the final, conclusive plan and launch the final selection process led by an expert committee which is yet to be established.

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