Home General News Nebraska Voters Deciding the Future of Gambling in the State

Nebraska Voters Deciding the Future of Gambling in the State

Nebraska Voters Deciding the Future of Gambling in the State
Future of Gambling in Nebraska to be Decided

As announced recently following new potential revenue streams which could have been cropped in the state with legalized gambling activities, Nebraska voters seem to be warming up to the latest idea of legalizing commercial casinos in the state. In fact, Nebraska voters could potentially decide on the future of gambling in the state in November of 2020. This is one move necessary in order to allow commercial casinos to offer their services while at the moment only tribal casinos operate within the state’s borders.

In the case of Nebraska voters saying yes to this, the state will join twenty-five other states which have already allowed some kinds of commercial casinos and gambling activities. Voters are well aware of the fact that people like to gamble and they will gamble with or without commercial casinos and the state has a choice. Voters can either embrace this idea of legalizing commercial casinos and capitalize on the massive revenue or allow its citizens to turn to black markets or cross borders to gamble. In both of these options, players have no any kind of protection.

The Twenty Five States with Legalized Commercial Gambling

In the United States, there are currently two states which have completely banned gambling activities of all kinds including Hawaii and Utah. When it comes to Nebraska neighbors, some of these states have already taken steps towards legalizing some sorts of commercial gambling including Iowa, South Dakota, Colorado, Missouri, and Kansas.

Considering the great potential for new increasing revenue streams which have cropped these states, Nebraska voters are more likely to hop on the bandwagon and follow their neighbors. At the moment, it is all up to the Cornhusker State’s voters to decide the future of gambling in the state. What should be noted is that Nebraska is one of the more conservative US states especially when it comes to gambling activities and casinos.

In the state, tribes are allowed to offer some kind of gambling activities such as bingo games and some card game, which have to be provided by the casino without the house having stake in the gaming outcomes. Some of the Nebraska-based tribal casinos and gaming facilities also offer lottery and horse racing in certain areas throughout the state. However, the state has always drawn the line at extra gambling activities apart from these mentioned especially at blackjack, roulette and slot machines.

Growing Interest to Allow Commercial Casinos

Since many of the state’s neighbors have already legalized some types of gambling activities and commercial casinos, it seems that state’s voters are showing growing interest in allowing these activities within the state’s borders as well. In fact, many supporters of the idea believe that Nebraska voters should say yes to the changes next year. However, even if they say yes, there is a variety of challenges and obstacles to overcome.

Due to ballot measures which were introduced back in 2004 followed by several other measures introduced back in 2006, gambling opponents were successful in convincing the Nebraska highest court to declare all sorts of gambling activities unconstitutional. This was declared back in 2014. Another challenge comes from the state’s government especially from Pete Ricketts who is not a huge fan of gambling activities, especially in his state. He has made it very clear on multiple occasions that he is not a supporter of the idea of legalizing some gambling activities. Either way, it should be the state’s residents who will ultimately decide what is best for their state.

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