NetEnt Launching Brand-New Live Casino Service & Improving Anti-Fraud Measures

NetEnt Launching Brand-New Live Casino Service & Improving Anti-Fraud Measures
NetEnt is expanding its live casino offering while also improving its security measures

NetEnt as one of the most prominent, leading online casino content developers has always remained at the very top when it comes to its service and products offered. As of recently, the company has decided to focus more on its live casino offering which will soon be enriched with another interesting product named NBC or Network Branded Casino. This new live casino product by NetEnt will allow operators to enjoy more control of their live casino offering while increasing gaming flexibility.

With Network Branded Casino, there are three different service tiers and as these different tiers progress, they include significantly increased customization which starts with entirely customized visual presentation and other handy features. In the meantime, the operator has also announced its plans on minimizing risks across its gaming service by incorporating technologically advanced anti-fraud measures and other safety practices.

Network Branded Casino Details

The operator has revealed some details about its Network Branded Casino product. What we know so far is that every level of Network Branded Casino will provide all operators the amazing ability to offer a truly immersive online gaming experience. Then, the network will also include a great live casino gaming platform that operators can easily create on their own. This live casino product will further build customer loyalty via valuable interaction with inviting and rather professional dealers.

Moreover, the new live casino product by NetEnt will also include different rooms. One room in specific will focus on live blackjack games while the other rooms will focus on both live roulette and live blackjack games. When it comes to the rooms focused on live blackjack, they will have at least two standard blackjack tables alongside at least one VIP table. Then, the other rooms will include standard live roulette alongside, Common Draw Blackjack and Perfect Blackjack.

Customers will be able to easily move from one to another room without paying a visit to the lobby first. The NetEnt’s Director of Live Suite Andres Rengifo also said that this Network Branded Casino will also provide an impressive range of high-quality gaming solutions which will doubtlessly suite all kinds of operators no matter their future goals and objectives. In other words, the live NetEnt product is entirely attuned to the operators’ needs providing them all sorts of benefits. One of the live games offered Perfect Blackjack was already released while more games are coming soon.

Minimizing Risks and Enhancing the Games’ Integrity

In the meantime, NetEnt has been working on minimizing risks as well as enhancing the games’ integrity across its live gaming portfolio. In order to make such gaming environments as safe as possible, the operator has partnered with LFS or Live Fraud Solutions which is among the most prominent protection specialist companies that offer high-quality solutions that optimize and enhance anti-fraud measures within different online gaming environments.

With the Live Fraud Solutions’ tools, the operator will gain the ability to increase the overall integrity of its equipment related to live gaming as well as to improve overall risk credibility. Moreover, NetEnt will also gain the ability to thoroughly review customer behavior alongside regular integrity checks. Thanks to the integration of Live Fraud Solutions’ propriety tools, NetEnt will be also able to detect any programs that players use that give them advantage such as card counting or tracking.

Furthermore, NetEnt will also easily detect any kind of bonus abuse, robot play, as well as any kind of cheating. Commenting on the news, the operator’s Director Andres Rengifo said that the integration of LFS will allow its company to keep maintaining the highest integrity levels to offer the fairest and safest gaming experience for both customers and operators.

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