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Nevada Gaming Commission Formulating Rules for Re-Opening Casinos

Nevada Gaming Commission Formulating Rules for Re-Opening Casinos
Nevada casinos preparing for re-opening

Back on the 7th of May, the main casino gaming regulator for the state of Nevada, the Nevada Gaming Commission has approved a collection of rules which have been carefully crafted in order to prevent the spread of highly-contagious coronavirus once the state’s four hundred and forty-one land-based, commercial casinos open their doors to the public after many weeks of being closed.

According to one report released by Las Vegas Review Journal, the Nevada Gaming Commission’s directives were issued several days ago by the state’s Gaming Control Board and all of the commercial casinos in the states will have to comply to these rules to resume their operations. According to these directives, re-opening commercial casinos in the state will have to halve their gaming floors’ capacity to be in line with local fire and building codes.

Moreover, these venues will only permit three players to enjoy blackjack games at a single table simultaneously. According to the same newspaper, these directives by the Nevada Gaming Commission will apply to all of the state’s commercial casinos which are eagerly waiting to re-open once the ongoing coronavirus-related safety measures including lockdowns are eased. In addition to limiting the number of players allowed at a single blackjack table simultaneously, other provisions will also include limitations to roulette and poker tables which will host a maximum of four players at the same table at the same time.

Post-Coronavirus Measures for Nevada Casinos

Needless to say, with over four hundred commercial casinos active in the state of Nevada, the state’s gambling industry is one of the most profitable, most thriving in the USA. Las Vegas is also home to some of the most iconic venues of this kind which have been thriving for years and even decades including The Mirage venue, The Mandalay Bay facility, Bellagio, Treasure Island, Caesars Palace and many others which have been negatively affected by the ongoing coronavirus-related lockdowns and other safety measures in place.

Nonetheless, all of the state’s four hundred and forty-one commercial casinos are preparing to resume their operations with certain precautions in place to prevent the spread of the highly-contagious coronavirus strain. As released by the Nevada Gaming Commission, precautions that these casinos will have to comply with resemble those measures which were previously introduced into Macau-based casinos after the end of Macau’s fifteen-day shutdown.

According to these safety precautions, all casinos including commercial casinos and resort-style gambling and hotel venues including the iconic Caesars Palace venue in Las Vegas with almost four thousand rooms are obliged to impose a strict limit of six players at one craps table at the same time. This is not everything as Nevada-based casino venues will be also obliged to follow a series of other measures that revolve around regularly cleaning all high-traffic surfaces such as elevator buttons and handrails.

Other Public Health Measures

Nevada-based casinos have been shut down since the 18th of March when the state’s Governor Mr. Sisolak instituted a lockdown not only for casinos but also bars, restaurants, and other places that attract masses in the state. The state’s Gaming Control Board used one of its official public hearings to share more details about the re-opening measures and rules. These will probably include a variety of other public health measures that would see returning casino employees tested for highly-contagious coronavirus before returning to work. One thing is for sure, all casino employees will be provided with protective masks and gloves.

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