Home General News Oryx Gaming Debuting its Leaderboards Tool and Realtime Tournaments

Oryx Gaming Debuting its Leaderboards Tool and Realtime Tournaments

Oryx Gaming Debuting its Leaderboards Tool and Realtime Tournaments
Oryx Gaming Debuting its Leaderboards Tool and Realtime Tournaments

Founded in 2010 in Ljubljana, Slovenia Oryx Gaming is one of the leading names in the world of online casino gaming when it comes to providing turnkey solutions. This Slovenia-based company offers an excellent, unrivaled collection of iGaming services and software which is today used by a number of reputable online casino operators. Some of the company’s flagship products include its iGaming platform, live dealer gaming solutions, lottery solutions as well as sportsbook and casino solutions.

As mentioned on the company’s official website, all of the company’s omni-channel iGaming products can be easily integrated with all third-party services, networks, games, and operators. The integration of the company’s services and products across different iGaming environments results in a straightforward, wealthy solution that everyone can enjoy. It is also worth mentioning that Oryx Gaming offers only exclusive, premium iGaming content which is crafted by the company as well as by other online casino content developers.

Oryx Gaming Platform Packed with Over Eight Thousand Games

The company’s remarkable iGaming platform features over eight thousand aggregated games that all of the company’s business clients can benefit from. Moreover, the company’s clients can also benefit from its fully-fledged online casino gaming services which include customer support tools, data analytics tools, payment services, CRM, conversion, and retention campaigns and even more.

Needless to say, Oryx Gaming employs an excellent team of game designers, product experts, sales, and marketing experts who share the same business goals and visions. Over the years, Oryx Gaming has released many premium iGaming tools and products while its latest releases include Realtime Tournaments and its Leaderboard tools.

The company’s officials have just recently announced that Oryx Gaming will be taking customer engagement to a whole another level of awesomeness and thrill by integrating the Leaderboards too and its plug and play Realtime Tournaments products onto its iconic Oryx Hub iGaming platform. The company used one of its official press releases to share more details about its latest innovations. As reported, the two innovations crafted by Oryx Gaming will allow all of their Oryx Hub customers to enjoy an excellent selection of exclusive competitions which will doubtlessly increase customer retention and engagement.

Oryx Hub Enriched with New, Innovative Services

In its official press release, the company’s officials detailed that the two new services including its Realtime Tournaments and Leaderboards Tool can be integrated into every one of the eight thousand games which are packed onto the company’s iGaming platform. The games are crafted by many different online casino content developers. The platform utilizes an excellent selection of real-time data feeds which means that all competitors have the chance to track their results in real-time and compare them with other participants.

The company’s officials also declared that the nature of its Leaderboards and Realtime Tournaments tools which are fully plugged and play means that these advances can be easily integrated into every online casino gaming venue. This naturally gives online casino operators the amazing ability to easily refine parameters of their tournaments including game settings, language, currencies accepted, and eligibility within several minutes.

Commenting on the news about launching the two advances, Oryx Gaming’s Managing Director Matevz Mazij said in one of his press releases that the company’s Leaderboards and Realtime Tournaments innovations can also serve as a marketing tool for online casino operators which are looking forward to entertaining their players via another excitement layer. He also added that after several successful soft launches of its new tools, Oryx Gaming has already seen great results especially in customer session times which have doubled.

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