Home General News Parimatch Africa Joining the FAST TRACK CRM Network

Parimatch Africa Joining the FAST TRACK CRM Network

Parimatch Africa Joining the FAST TRACK CRM Network
Parimatch Africa joined FAST TRACK CRM looking to boost its player engagement

One of the most prominent, leading Africa-based sportsbooks, Parimatch Africa has become the latest bookmaker to make the important move to the extremely popular, real-time FAST TRACK CRM player engagement platform. The Tanzania-based company has partnered with the prominent Pari Match company group to expand its presence in the African iGaming industry before making the move to incorporate the FAST TRACK CRM tool into its operations.

All things considered, Parimatch Africa has become one of the fastest-growing, leading bookmakers in the world’s second-most-populous and second-largest continent. The Parimatch Africa Ltd company is a United Kingdom-registered sports bookmaker which operates many betting shops throughout Africa.

At the moment, Parimatch Africa operated betting shops and vendors in Tanzania while it plans to expand its business portfolio and network of betting shops in other African countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Uganda, and Rwanda. The company’s officials have also revealed that the company is planning the launch of a regional mobile and online sportsbetting platform which will be fully active in the countries where Parimatch Africa operates.

The Strong Parimatch Africa’s Leadership Team

The company’s leadership team and workforce have a truly strong record of establishing and growing successful new venues. Moreover, the company’s workforce also has extensive experience and knowledge in both managing and optimizing betting shops’ operations as well as online betting network operations. The firm’s team is fully backed up by a Board of Directors which is further backed by the Pari Match Group.

Moreover, the company also enjoys the benefits of being backed up by successful private companies that operate within many different sectors including life sciences, fintech and of course gaming sciences and more. As previously mentioned, Parimatch Africa is fully focused on serving the African sportsbetting and gambling market which today creates plenty of economic opportunities as tax and licensing revenues boost all of the most important economic areas within the countries where such activities are legal.

The truth is that many different African countries are seizing these newly emerging opportunities by opening more sportsbetting venues and by introducing new regulations that once again pave ways for great financial gains. Considering the fact that the population of the continent has grown massively in the past ten years, many countries can enjoy a wealth of great economic opportunities among urban populations.

Benefits of the FT CRM Network

As previously mentioned, Parimatch Africa is responsible for many Tanzania-based betting shops and venues while moving to the popular FAST TRACK CRM customer engagement tool will bring better expansion opportunities. Thanks for making this move, the company will be able to compete on a higher level in the growing market. Picking the only CRM customer engagement tool which is specifically crafted for iGaming means that Parimatch Africa will be able to perfectly sync ever area of its customer management aspects to one real-time updated central system.

Commenting on the news, Parimatch Africa’s CEO Lasha Gogiberidze said in his official press release that his company has big plans for the following months as they plan to bring something new to the market. He also said that the company’s expansion plans include being able to engage better with customers in a new, innovative way and this is achievable with the FAST TRACK CRM tool which is built fully on real-time updated data which allows it to achieve the highest efficiency in every task.

This state-of-the-art platform easily and effortlessly identifies the most time-consuming processes and tasks while it eliminates all of the unnecessary working steps. In other words, it finds better ways to work in a massive, single system, it does translations in one click while it also includes an efficient quality assurance network and regulatory support among other benefits which mean better efficiency.

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