Home General News Potawatomi Hotel and Casino Applies to Build a Casino in Waukegan, Illinois

Potawatomi Hotel and Casino Applies to Build a Casino in Waukegan, Illinois

Potawatomi Hotel and Casino Applies to Build a Casino in Waukegan, Illinois
Potawatomi Hotel and Casino will be looking to seize the opportunity in Waukegan, Illinois

Shortly after the Waukegan’s major stated that the city has an already prepared and ready property for a new commercial casino, the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino’s officials announced that the company has already submitted an application to build and run a casino in this area. More specifically, the company wants to build a commercial casino in Waukegan which is an Illinois city located halfway between Milwaukee and Chicago.

The city of Waukegan is actually the largest city in Lake County in Illinois. It is also a part of the growing Chicago metropolitan region. As stated in 2013, the city had a population of around 88,826 residents which makes it the state of Illinois’ ninth most populous city. Believed by many experts and historians, Waukegan was founded in 1829 named after little fort or fortress.

The city has a great location for a commercial online casino as it located around thirty-five miles of Downtown Chicago and around ten miles of the state’s border. After the city’s major revealed that the city is looking for potential gambling facility developers, many responses were submitted in just several days and one response came from Potawatomi Hotel and Casino.

A Native American Casino in Wisconsin

Potawatomi Hotel and Casino formerly known as Potawatomi Bingo Casino is one of the leading Native American gambling facilities in Wisconsin. The facility opened its doors in 1991, which makes it one of the longer-lasting facilities of this kind. Its flagship facility is located near Downtown Milwaukee in the Menomonee Valley.

In addition to being a luxurious hotel, this is also a massive entertainment facility which offers a variety of options such as a massive, twelve-table poker room, dining and restaurant options, and a massive food court with small restaurants. There is also a theater and lodge included which combine dining and entertainment. When it comes to its casino facility, it underwent a great expansion in summer 2008.

At the time, the casino expanding its number of table games to sixty and its number of slot machines to over three thousand. Back in May two years ago, the casino and hotel’s owner Forest County Potawatomi announced that the facility will be expanded to include more hotel rooms and suites in addition to big meeting space and spa. As of now, Potawatomi Hotel and Casino has one of the biggest gaming floors in the entire country including a massive bingo hall that can accommodate more than two thousand players.

Looking Forward to Expanding

Since its establishment in 1991, Potawatomi Hotel and Casino is looking forward to expanding in some other state. Considering the fact that Waukegan is currently in search of a developer to build a first-class entertainment facility, the facility’s officials believe that this is an amazing opportunity to fulfill their long-term goal. Having a great reputation in its gaming market and having successfully operated for several decades, this facility is a great fit for the Waukegan’s upcoming project.

Building a new commercial casino in the state is possible thanks to the state’s Governor Mr. Pritzker signing a newly proposed bill related to new casinos into law on the 28th of June. This bill among other things allowed the state’s gambling industry expansion with new gaming licenses for several cities in the state including Waukegan, Chicago, and Rockford.

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