Home General News SBTech Malta Limited Filling a Lawsuit in the State of Oregon

SBTech Malta Limited Filling a Lawsuit in the State of Oregon

SBTech Malta Limited Filling a Lawsuit in the State of Oregon
SBTech is moving in to protect details of its deal with the Oregon State Lottery

SBTech Malta Limited is a sports betting technologies and omnichannel online casino developer which is fully regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. The company has been around since 2007 when it was founded. Since its inception, it has been an industry’s leader when it comes to providing innovative sports betting solutions and services across regulated markets, mobile and online casinos as well as land-based gaming channels.

The company’s complete offering includes a highly customizable, dynamic and innovative suite of fully managed and turnkey gaming solutions. Furthermore, the company’s award-winning in-play services sportsbook, iGaming platforms as well as its live and casino services offer an unparalleled experience to every customer.

Speaking of the SBTech Malta Limited-powered sportsbook, it covers over 60,000 events each month and it offers over 25,000 in-play sports events as well as over 2,000 betting markets and more than 60 sports. The platform is also packed with a state-of-the-art live streaming service, visualization centers, as well as loads of Fast Market options, a variety of dashboard features, advanced reporting features and more. Today, the company powers over eighty partners across different regulated markets including those in the United Kingdom, Greece, Malta, Mexico, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Czech Republic, Portugal and more.

The Oregonian and Legal Sports Report Joining Forces

Throughout its existence, the company has come across certain obstacles and issues and one of the latest challenges concerns the company’s contract with the state of Oregon Lottery. It was reported that SBTech Malta Limited has filed a lawsuit in the state to keep the details of this contract from being divulged.

According to one report released by the Oregonian newspaper, the Malta Gaming Authority-licensed company inked a business deal with the state’s Lottery back in June last year. This business deal, in particular, has helped the company to debut its mobile gaming-friendly sports betting service named Scoreboard four months after inking the deal. This service is both accessible to users of iOS and Android-powered mobile devices and it allows customers in any location within the Beaver State to place real-money bets on an excellent selection of sports.

According to the company which provides the service, Scoreboard will be complemented via another interesting feature, self-service wagering kiosks. The Oregonian newspaper decided to uncover how much the sportsbetting partnership between SBTech Malta Limited and the state’s Lottery was worth. For this reason, it had joined efforts with Legal Sports Report so that the two can file an official request to uncover more details about the contract.

The newspaper then revealed that the state’s Lottery provided both entities with a somehow redacted copy of the business deal. As reported, this provided copy of the business deal’s information had omitted any details regarding how much SBTech Malta Limited was actually paid to help run the sportsbetting service in question here. Legal Sports Report and The Oregonian were not satisfied with these reports. They persisted with their requests and they have eventually handled the complete business deal information.

SBTech Malta Gaming’s Reaction

Nonetheless, SBTech Malta Gaming immediately reacted by getting a temporary restraining order which prohibits the information of the company’s business deal with the state’s Lottery from being revealed to any third-parties. In its official press release, the company stated that making information about the deal available to third-parties would reveal trade secrets and confidential information which would then result in irrevocable harm to the company’s business.

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