Home General News Scientific Games Scores New Supply Contract Deal with German Lottery

Scientific Games Scores New Supply Contract Deal with German Lottery

Scientific Games Scores New Supply Contract Deal with German Lottery
SG will start supplying the lottery with instant win electronic games starting from the next year

Scientific Games Corporation is one of the global leaders when it comes to the world of online casino gaming and land-based gaming. This American corporation was founded decades ago by John Koza in Las Vegas, the state of Nevada where the company is still based. Today, Scientific Games Corporation offers loads of gaming and gambling services and products to many different gambling and lottery organizations and companies around the world.

This publicly-traded firm based in Las Vegas also crafts mechanical and computerized table games, slot machines as well as instant lottery games, iLottery, and iGaming products alongside mobile applications, interactive gaming terminals, and much more used by online casinos and online sports betting sites. The company was the very first to introduce an instant lottery ticket back in 1974.

Today, it provides powerful systems that allow all interested retailers to print Powerball and Mega Millions tickets. Speaking of its success in the world of iLottery, Scientific Games has just recently scored another great supply deal with German lottery which means that the company will keep providing its lottery and other instant games to German LOTTO Thüringen after its contract has been extended for three more years.

Scientific Games Providing Its Products to LOTTO Thüringen

According to one of the company’s latest official press releases, Scientific Games Corporation was chosen to be LOTTO Thüringen’s partner following the closure of a rather competitive process. In the end, it was Scientific Games’ impeccable value of its products and services including its impressive digital games that have helped the company score this rather important supply contract deal which remains active for the following three years.

According to the terms and conditions of this partnership deal between the two organizations, Scientific Games digital services and products or eInstants will be available on the German Lottery the next year. Moreover, the nature of the business deal, the three-year business contract may be extended for an extra year sometime in the future.

Commenting on the news about Scientific Games remaining the major LOTTO Thüringen’s supplier of instant lottery games and services, the organization’s Chief Executive Officer Jochen Staschewski said that LOTTO Thüringen is looking forward to continuing its rather successful and fruitful partnership deal with Scientific Games Corporation which is one of the most prominent companies of this kind globally. Mr. Staschewski also said that LOTTO Thüringen is also looking towards the sustainable growth of its revenues for instant games in Thuringia. In his words, Thuringia is one of the several lottery markets in the country which continues to thrive and grow.

LOTTO Thüringen Working on Expanding Its Instant Games Portfolio

According to the German Lottery’s Chief Executive Officer Jochen Staschewski, LOTTO Thüringen’s growth is mainly driven by the organization’s instant games portfolio so the lottery has a great plan which involves further expanding and growing its already impressive selection of instant games which LOTTO Thüringen sells across retail locations. The German Lottery also plans to offer its customers loads of different digital instant games that they will enjoy any time, any place using their mobile devices.

Between the years of 2014 and 2018, Scientific Games Corporation was one of the major German Lottery business partners which at the time was responsible for the LOTTO Thüringen’s collection of instant games by a massive fifty-eight percent. In fact, the business partnership between LOTTO Thüringen and Scientific Games has been going strong and profitable for over twenty years now. Today, Scientific Games supplies all sixteen of the country’s state lotteries and will continue doing the same at least for three more years.

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