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SLS Casino and Hotel to be Re-Branded to Iconic Sahara Hotel and Casino

SLS Casino and Hotel to be Re-Branded to Iconic Sahara Hotel and Casino
Sahara Casino to be Re-Branded

One of the most popular gambling facilities and resorts in Las Vegas, SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino will be soon renamed to Sahara Hotel and Casino as reported recently. The news came not long after the financially struggling SLS Hotel and Casino was purchased by the giant Meruelo Group. After the company who purchased the resort finalized the deal, it immediately focused on rechristening this massive, 1,720-room resort property.

With a new owner, there are some new rules and some changes and one of the biggest changes to take place is the casino’s name which will no longer be SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. According to one report from the city’s Review-Journal, the company who bought the property is a giant real estate company operated by Alex Meruelo. His company bought the resort from Stockbridge Capital Group which is a San Francisco-based investment fund. As revealed recently, the Meruelo Group plans on investing around $100 million to renovate the venue.

During this process which can take several months, the Meruelo Group also revealed some other interesting details related to its latest purchase. Besides its plans to renovate the venue and change its name, the Meruelo Group also plans on adding some new entertainment activities and facilities within its re-branded Sahara Hotel and Casino.

The Meruelo Group Owning Multiple Facilities

The company’s owner Alex Meruelo is a prominent Cuban-American billionaire who owns a number of businesses and ventures such as Fuji Food, Colom Island, NHL Arizona Coyotes, KWHY-TV, Grand Sierra Resort, SLS Las Vegas as of recently and several others. When it comes to the Meruelo Group latest purchase, SLS Las Vegas is one of the most prominent gambling facilities and resorts of this kind in the United States which once hosted highly prominent celebrities such as The Beatles, Jerry Lewis, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin.

At the time, the facility was named Sahara Hotel and Casino. Since this was the time when the facility truly flourished, Alex Meruelo wants to rename it to its most iconic name in order to give it its legendary status back. In his press release, Alex Meruelo said that he believes that the new venue’s name will help its team to bring back those legendary, glory days as well as deliver its customers memorable, intimate experiences.

In his official press release, he also added that he wants customers who decide to stay with Sahara Hotel and Casino to enjoy an amazing experience thanks to memories and ideas the company wants to create. In other words, he wants people who decide to stay here to enjoy a remarkable experience they will never forget. Before deciding to purchase SLS Las Vegas, the Meruelo Group was searching for the right facility to fulfill this dream and Alex Meruelo believes that SLS Las Vegas is definitely the right facility.

New Name and Fresh Beginnings

In order to reveal the facility’s new name, the company which now owns the venue prepared a special ceremony which included more than seven hundred guests. The ceremony was truly special with drone shows and fireworks. At the ceremony, Alex Meruelo was the one who announced the new name alongside sharing some more details related to his future plans for the facility, new job opportunities, and ideas for shaping a completely fresh narrative which he believes will greatly influence the city’s future evolution.

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