Sports Betting Significantly Boosting Value of NFL Television Broadcast Rights

Sports Betting Significantly Boosting Value of NFL Television Broadcast Rights
A boost in betting activities could significantly increase the value of NFL broadcast rights

The hundredth season of the NFL just kicked off and one National Football League team owner has declared that the amazingly rising popularity of sports betting activities in the United States could potentially result in NFL boosting the value of its major TV broadcast rights by more than fifty percent. This was revealed by the National Football League’s Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones who has been responsible for the team over three decades since 1989.

According to one report released on Thursday, the leading man of the NFL Dallas Cowboys strongly believes that sports betting activities will help his sport massively as they will renegotiate some of the main NFL television broadcast rights such as those with executives at ESPN, CBS, Fox, and NBC. The current TV broadcast deal worth around $5 billion expires in 2022 and the Dallas Cowboys’ owner announced that those main broadcasters could be willing to invest up to $7.5 billion combined to continue broadcasting all of the field action.

As reported by Yahoo Finance several days ago, the NFL’s 2018 edition saw the league’s figures on its average viewership per game rise around five percent which is a massive rise when compared to the previous years’ figures. With remarkable figures of 15.8 million average viewership per game, this sport continues to be one of the most-watched, most popular things across all television channels. In fact, its contests are commonly among the most-watched television broadcasts.

NFL Only Getting Stronger in Terms of Television Broadcast Viewership Figures

The Dallas Coybows’ owner also said that his sport is getting stronger by every day especially in terms of its television broadcast viewership figures which have been on the rise for months. This cannot be said for other television broadcasts as many of the major television networks in the United States have been experiencing extremely diminished figures in terms of viewership. On the contrary, the NFL did not suffer this kind of drop off.

In his opinion, the main reason behind these increasing figures is the sports betting industry which regularly attracts masses as of May last year when fans of sports betting to enjoy some sorts of sports betting in several US states. While sports betting fans were initially able to place real money wager only at venues located in the state of Nevada, some kinds of sports betting activities are also allowed in ten other states in addition to The Silver State including Iowa, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Mississippi, Rhode Island and Arkansas.

Sports Betting Activities Increasing Television Value

In his official press release, Jerry Jones also said that wagering and betting activities have been one of the NFL’s integral parts for a very long time through punters making their real money wagers in a variety of forms. With those ten states in addition to The Silver State legalizing some forms of sports betting activities, more sports betting fans and real money wagers placed means significantly increased viewership figures.

Mr. Jones also said that viewership is one way for his sport to benefit while sports betting activities may bring a variety of other benefits besides more people who stay longer. He also said that gaming may increase the value of NFL TV broadcast rights up to fifty percent which is a remarkable boost. All in all, the world will not have to wait for so long to find out whether Mr. Jones is right as new business contracts will kick off very soon.

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