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The American Gaming Association Launching Have a Game Plan Campaign

The American Gaming Association Launching Have a Game Plan Campaign
The new camapign wants to underline the importance of responsible gambling practices

The AGA or American Gaming Association has announced the launch of its brand-new public service campaign named Have a Game Plan which comes as a part of its efforts to educate fans of sports betting and online casino gamers players the States about the importance of staying responsible when gaming online. The American Gaming Association or the AGA is an online gaming industry association operating in the United States which was founded back in 1994.

Since its inception more than twenty years ago, the American Gaming Association has one major goal and that is promoting, lobbying and educating on behalf of the entire gaming and entertainment industry in the states through advocacy and education. As such, the American Gaming Association addresses all sorts of regulatory and federal legislative issues that commonly affect its employees and members as well as customers.

Members and Responsibilities of the American Gaming Association

Some of these issues which the AGA addresses include regulatory issues, tourism and travel matters as well as federal taxation and others. The American Gaming Association also serves as the United States’ gaming industry’s main information source which provides the media, the public as well as decision-makers with always accurate, and timely data related to the industry.

When it comes to the major American Gaming Association’s members, these include professional and financial service companies, casino operators as well as suppliers of iGaming and gaming products in addition to representatives of regional and state gaming associations. When discussing the work done by the American Gaming Association, it is worth mentioning that every year the association acts as one of the major sponsors for the Global Gaming Expo.

The Have a Game Plan Campaign Already Live

The American Gaming Association used one of its official press releases in order to declare that its awareness campaign Have a Game Plan has already gone live through a series of advertisements at the Capital One Arena situated in Washington D.C. and T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The United States-based responsible gaming advocacy also said in one of its official press releases that the Have a Game Plan campaign will roll out in a variety of other sports betting markets in the states soon.

Commenting on the news, the American Gaming Association’s official said that the campaign debuting date came at the right time as it coincides with the beginning of Problem Gambling Awareness Month. The association’s officials also stated that the campaign is also part of its aim to provide all sports betting punters with much-needed education and information on how to remain responsible when gambling in order to keep sports betting activities a form of entertainment as they should be.

The AGA’s Chief Executive Officer and President Ben Miller used one of the association’s press releases to share that fourteen states have already legalized some kinds of sports betting activities after the United States Supreme Court’s decision from 2018 which made it possible. At the time, the US Supreme Court to revoke the previous PASPA or Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act prohibition.

Mr. Miller of the American Gaming Association also said that in the coming months, up to six states could potentially legalize sports betting activities and significantly add to the growing United States sports betting market which as estimated last year was worth around $19 billion.

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