The California Gaming Association Reveals Economic Power of State’s Cardrooms

The California Gaming Association Reveals Economic Power of State’s Cardrooms
There are numerous cardrooms in California, most of them operating very successfully

The California Gaming Association or for short CGA is the main voice of the state’s gambling industry. More specifically, the California Gaming Association is a trade association including fully state-licensed gambling vendors and cardrooms. The main goal of the association is to improve as well as promote conditions in the state’s cardroom industry while focusing on providing only the safest gaming experience to all customers.

When it comes to the state’s cardrooms, they have been active for over one hundred and fifty years. Today, the state of California is home to seventy-two cardrooms which vary in size from very small venues with just several tables to big cardrooms packed with almost three hundred tables. All in all, cardrooms provide an excellent variety of both non-gaming and gaming activities while slot machines are not offered.

California Cardrooms Operating Under Strict Regulations

Speaking of the state-based cardrooms, it should be noted that these venues do not and cannot offer any kind of house-banked games. In other words, every interested player in such cardrooms has a great opportunity to bet as the dealer. This is one of the features which is not found in many other entertainment venues.

It should be noted that cardrooms that operate within the borders of California operate under the strictest gaming regulations. In other words, active California-based cardrooms must comply with the strictest internal control measures and standards that are posed on count operations, casino operations, surveillance and security, responsible gaming and of course, financial reporting.

Besides, every employee of such entertainment venues has to pass a detailed background check while every measure and regulation posed on the industry is developed by the CGCC or California Gambling Control Commission which is the official gaming authority for the state of California. What is even more, all cardrooms operating in the state are also regularly overseen by a number of federal agencies including the Internal Revenue Service.

Specially-Commissioned Research

The California Gaming Association has just recently revealed the results of extremely important, specially-commissioned research which has shown that cardrooms operating in the state are responsible for over 32,000 indirect and direct jobs which annually pay out around $1.64 billion in employee wages and benefits. The association revealed the results several days ago using its official press release.

It was shared that this particular examination has been conducted by economics experts alongside research companies and other professionals. All in all, the study indicated that the state’s cardroom industry contributes greatly to the state’s economy as around $500 million in local and state taxes come from this industry every year.

It was also revealed that the state’s cardrooms have an impressive yearly positive impact on the entire Golden State’s economic worth $5.6 billion while they bring around $398.8 million in taxes annually plus $109 million in other gaming duties. According to the California Gaming Association’s officials, this study reveals what experts in the industry already know that the state’s cardrooms are in fact essential to every community within the state’s borders. In addition to providing thousands of steady, full-time jobs, this industry also provides a great number of temporarily job positions and great opportunities for Californians to financially support themselves and their family members.

The study also reveals that the industry does not only provide over 13,000 jobs just in Los Angeles County but also it provides $2.3 billion in economic benefits on an annual basis. For the region of San Francisco, the industry employs over 6,000 individuals while it brings a great financial benefit worth around $1.1 billion. Then, San Diego County profits around $318 million from the industry yearly. The study concluded that cardrooms in the state spark amazing economic benefits alongside growing revenues and more job positions which in the end support every community.

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