The Muscogee Nation Renewed its Federal Suit Against the Poarch Band of Creek Indians

The Muscogee Nation Renewed its Federal Suit Against the Poarch Band of Creek Indians
Poarch Creek Indians Lawsuit Renewed

The Muscogee Nation is one if not the largest tribe residing in Oklahoma. Also known as the Muscogee Creek Nation, this is a completely self-governed, independent Native American tribe situated in Okmulgee. It is one of the largest Native American tribes in the United States with slightly over 81,000 residents. When it comes to the governing structure of the tribe, it includes a legislative body, an executive branch, and its tribal court body.

This extremely diverse entity boasts many different facets including businesses, cultural tourism, and gaming. When it comes to its residents, the tribe descended from the Creek Confederacy and includes a group of the Southeastern Woodlands indigenous peoples with several different official languages including Koasati, Natchez, Yuchi, and Muscogee. The most widely spoken official language is Muscogee. From a historical point of view, the speakers of Muscogee also referred to as Este Mvskokvlke is one of the most populated, largest Native American tribes of the Southeast.

When it comes to the tribe’s jurisdiction in the states, the Muscogee Nation is the seat of its tribal government. Back in 2017, its reservation status was modified by the Tenth Circuit Court set in Murphy. Thanks to this newly reaffirmed status, the Muscogee Nation retained jurisdiction over other counties set in Oklahoma including Wagoner, Muskogee, Tulsa, Okmulgee, Hughes, and Creek.

Aboriginal Casino Facing a Federal Lawsuit

As reported recently, the biggest Oklahoma Native American tribe, the Muscogee Nation decided to renew its federal suit against an Alabama tribal casino. The suit is also aimed at the Poarch Band of Creek Indians due to allegations that the casino desecrated one of its most essential burial grounds. It should be noted that the Poarch Band of Creek Indians is actually the only Native American tribe in entire Alabama which is federally recognized.

The tribe was referred to as the Creek Nation East before changing its name to the Poarch Band of Creek. They reside in Escambia County. When it comes to its gaming industry, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians has operated a hotel and three gambling facilities as of the late 20th century. Three of its major land-based casinos are situated on Alabama tribal land including Wind Creek Wetumpka, Wind Creek Montgomery and Wind Creek Atmore.

The Poarch Band of Creek Indians also owns stakes in Pensacola Greyhound Park and Mobile Greyhound Park which are located outside of its reservation. Moreover, the tribe also owns several Renaissance Hotels in Curacao and Aruba as of October 2017. Back in 2012, the Poach Band of Creek Indians announced their plans to enrich their gaming operations in Wetumpka by building a massive gambling facility. Soon later, the Muscogee Creek Nation filed a federal suit in order to prevent this.

The Muscogee Creek Nation Filling Its Initial Lawsuit in 2012

The tribe argued that the establishment of this facility would require excavation of remains from the tribe’s most important burial ground located at the site. Despite this, the Wind Creek Casino alongside Hotel Wetumpka opened its doors to the public back in 2013 as the Muscogee Creek Nation agreed to suspend its federal lawsuit.

However, the hiatus is about to reach an end as the Muscogee Creek Nation has renewed its federal suit. In the suit, the tribe asks for the Middle District of Alabama to return The Elmore County site to its pre-modification state. This would entail the complete destruction of both Hotel Wetumpka and the Wind Creek Casino.

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