Home General News The Very First Iowa Sportsbook Possibly Launching in Mid-August

The Very First Iowa Sportsbook Possibly Launching in Mid-August

The Very First Iowa Sportsbook Possibly Launching in Mid-August
Iowa Sports Betting to Launch in August?

As it seems by the latest news, legal sportsbetting could arrive at the state of Iowa in mid-August in the case of the state’s gaming regulator approving the laws and rules which will govern its sportsbetting industry. The meeting at which the state regulator’s officials will discuss the subject is set to take place in several days. What already happen is the state of Iowa becoming one of several US states to legalize sportsbetting this year.

Considering the fact that launching of the very first Iowa-based sportsbook this year is subject to a single regulatory approval, the state of Iowa is about to outpace its neighborhood Illinois in the start of betting on sports events both online and at land-based gambling facilities. As it was reported last month, the Governor of the state of Illinois, Mr. Pritzker signed a proposed gaming bill into law last month. With this move, the state of Illinois authorized the provision of multiple sportsbetting activities within the state’s borders.

Iowa’s Governor Kim Reynolds was the one who paved the way to legal sportbetting in the state after signing a bill into law in May this year. This law legalized wagering on college and professional leagues at both online and land-based casinos. As mentioned at the beginning, the mid-August start of the very first sportsbook in the state depends on whether the state’s Racing and Gaming Commission approves the rules proposed or not.

Technical Corrections and Modifications

There was a public hearing held on the 11th of July and it saw specific technical corrections and modifications made to the basic draft rules. All in all, these changes made are believed to the fully ready for consideration by the state’s gambling regulator as reported by the Racing and Gaming Commission’s Administrator Brian Ohorilko several days ago.

After Senate File 617, regarding the proposed gambling bill was signed into law, all of the major betting operators started eyeing the state’s gambling market expansion. With the bill signed into law, all of the state’s legally operating land-based casinos are allowed to offer both digital and in-person sportsbetting activities and services. Iowa-based bettors will be allowed legally to place real-money wagers on the majority of college and professional sports as long as these events do not include Iowa-based college teams.

The State of Iowa Legalizing Fantasy Sports

In addition to legalizing online and in-person sportsbetting activities, the state of Iowa also legalized fantasy sports as part of its latest expansion. Eighteen out of nineteen land-based casinos which operate in the state have already applied for their sportsbetting gaming licenses with Iowa’s gambling regulator. The only property which has not applied, at least not yet is Casino Queen Marquette. The regulator’s Administrator Mr. Ohorilko believed that Queen Marquette will apply eventually.

As mentioned at the beginning, is the state’s Racing and Gaming Commission approves the most recently proposed betting rules, the very first Iowa-based sportsbook will go live on the 15th of August. With the approved betting rules, the gambling facilities will be also allowed to partner with third-party companies. Naturally, these third-party companies will also have to apply for their gaming licenses with the state’s gaming regulator to be able to offer their services within the state’s borders.

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