Tribal Casinos in Minnesota Re-Opening After Coronavirus-Related Shutdowns

Tribal Casinos in Minnesota Re-Opening After Coronavirus-Related Shutdowns
Gambling venues in Minnesota are getting ready to get back up and running

As reported by several local news outlets, the vast majority of tribal casinos operational in the state of Minnesota will re-open in the following days after being forced to shut down their operations since mid-March due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. So far, the highly-contagious, potentially-deadly coronavirus strain has caused deaths of some eight hundred and fifty local residents.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic of coronavirus disease was declared a pandemic back on the 11th of March by the World Health Organization. The very first outbreak of coronavirus diseases was identified back in late December of last year in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Five months later, there are over 5.5 million cases of COVID-19 infections in over one hundred and eighty-eight countries.

As estimated on the 27th of May, the coronavirus pandemic caused by coronavirus diseases resulted in over 350,000 deaths globally while at the same time, over 2.2 million infected individuals have fully recovered. Needless to say, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has caused serious economic and social disruptions while it has also led to cancellations and postponements of various kinds of events. Every single industry has been negatively affected and the casino industry is not an exception.

Several Casinos Re-Opened from the 18th of May

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the vast majority of both commercial and tribal casinos in the United States across all regions were forced to close temporarily as part of a global campaign to combat the spreads of the highly-contagious coronavirus strain. Casinos located in the state of Minnesota were no exception as they have closed their doors back in March.

According to one report released by the Star Tribune news outlet, the Prairie’s Edge Casino Resort venue re-opened back on the 18th of May. However, this rural casino’s gaming floor is not packed with gaming tables as usual while only half of its one thousand slot games are functional. The venue is located in the city of Granite Falls. It is owned and managed by the Upper Sioux Community federally-recognized tribe. When it comes to its hotel venue, only around seventy percent of its one hundred hotel suites and rooms are available to visitors.

The same news outlet which shared the news about tribal casinos in Minnesota finally re-opening after two months of being closed, also detailed that the Prairie’s Edge Casino Resort facility has curtailed service at its dining areas and restaurants. Following the latest public health and safety guidelines, all arriving guests at the venue’s restaurants have to wear face masks as well as have their temperatures checked upon arriving.

Commenting on the news, Prairie’s Edge Casino Resort’s spokesperson Eric Preuss said that the facility has also installed many plexiglass shields between all slot machines. He also added that since the 18th of May when the venue re-opened, it has been welcoming visitors and players from the neighboring states of Wisconsin and Iowa. Eric Preuss finished his official press releases that the venue is located in a rural area that had only three cases of coronavirus infections about a month ago, so the venue’s officials felt comfortable to resume normal operations.

Mystic Lake Casino Hotel Set to Re-Open

When it comes to tribal casinos operational in the state of Minnesota, these are venues that are owned and operated by federally-recognized tribes and tribal organizations. Hence, the vast majority of these venues in the state operate free from any state interference. This also means they are not required to abide by lockdowns and other orders which were previously implemented by the state’s Governor Tim Walz.

Either way, the Mystic Lake Casino Hotel venue owned and operated by the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community is another tribal casino that re-opened as of the 26th of May. It was revealed by the venue’s officials that its restaurants will remain closed while other amenities will start welcoming guests including its golf course, ice rinks, as well as its casino floor which is actually the biggest casino in the state of Minnesota.

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