Home General News USA Based Casino Operators Discussing Post Pandemic Possibilities for Las Vegas

USA Based Casino Operators Discussing Post Pandemic Possibilities for Las Vegas

USA Based Casino Operators Discussing Post Pandemic Possibilities for Las Vegas
Las Vegas casino owners discussing reopening plans

Officials of some of the leading, most prominent casino operators based in the United States are holding internal, informal meetings to discuss future business possibilities for the gambling capital. More specifically, representatives of the biggest casino operators are discussing ways to resume operations and open their Las Vegas-based venues once the coronavirus pandemic concludes.

According to one report released by the Bloomberg news outlet, these informal meetings between casino operators that concern the most iconic casino destination also examine whether the state of Nevada’s officials should allow smaller-scale businesses to re-open first to get the local residents back to work. These smaller businesses in question here are located near the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

The same news outlet also reported that all casino gambling-friendly venues located in the state of Nevada will remain closed until at least the end of this month. Executives of these facilities have also discussed the possibility of establishing specific venues that would allow all casino works and some tourists to easily get tested for the highly-contagious coronavirus strain.

Ideas for Re-Opening Las Vegas Casinos

Officials of the most iconic casino operators which are responsible for Las Vegas-based casinos also discussed a variety of other ideas regarding ways to re-open their venues. One idea is to open such venues with a reduced capacity including opening only one-third of hotel rooms, screening all guests and visitors for elevated pressure as well as requiring all of casino and hotel employees and workers to wear gloves and masks. Another idea is to institute significantly increased distances between slot machines and gaming tables.

As reported on the 21st of April, the highly-contagious, potentially-deadly coronavirus strain has killed over 42,000 individuals in the United States as well as infected over 800,000 individuals while over 73,000 of them have recovered. For this reason, the casino executives and officials have discussed whether to request from local union to institute a series of rathe enhanced cleaning measures and techniques to combat the spread of the highly-contagious coronavirus.

Commenting on this possible request, Geoconda Arguello-Kline working for the Culinary Workers Union of the Local 226 branch said that facilities of all sorts have to include more people in order to ensure that all areas which are frequented by visitors, players and other guests are always clean. She added that the Local 226 branch is asking the firms to conduct more cleaning across all areas and these include their casino floors, hotel rooms, bars, and others.

The Richest Casino Market Globally

The casino market in Las Vegas is doubtlessly the riches, the most thriving in the world as it is packed with a variety of iconic casino facilities that are operated by a handful of prominent casino operators including Wynn Resorts Limited, Las Vegas Sands Corporation, MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment Corporation.

These companies were ordered to temporarily close down their facilities including hotels and casino floors for at least thirty days. The order came from Nevada Governor Mr. Sisolak who made the decision back on the 18th of March. Once the period of thirty days was over, the initial shutdown period was extended until the 30th of April. With this date approaching, Las Vegas-based casino operators are discussing ways to combat the negative consequences of the coronavirus crisis as well as ways to get back to work and start welcoming guests while at the same time protecting every worker, employee, visitor and everyone else.

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