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Alexandros Kolonias Wins 2019 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event

Alexandros Kolonias Wins 2019 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event
Alexandros Kolonias claims the prestigious WSOPE Main Event bracelet

The 2019 WSOPE has reached its end. This year’s World Series of Poker Europe No-Limit Hold’em poker tournament saw five hundred and forty-one entries which together created a massive prize pool of over €5 million. This tournament was actually the second biggest World Series of Poker Europe Main Event and it was the third poker tournament of this significance to take place in the Czech Republic’s municipality of Rozvadov.

The event saw Alexandros Kolonias winning the title after defeating another great poker player Class Claas Segebrecht in super exciting heads-up game. The final table of the event included nine amazing players and each player was from a different country. Included in the table were Dario Sammartino and Anthony Zinno who are both World Series of Poker Player of the Year contestants for this year.

Amazing Alexandros Kolonias Winning Over $1,2 Million

The first player to leave the final table was amazing Rifat Palevic who is another former World Series of Poker winner. The table was left by several more players until just Segebrecht and Kolonias remained. According to the official WSOP press release, once the exciting heads-up game at the final table started, the action was quite shot-lived as the ultimate winner Alexandros Kolonias started with a three to five advantage which helped him take a bigger lead almost at the very beginning.

His opponent, Claas Segebrecht has managed to gain some ground after having a great hand consisted of a full house of tens, but this was not enough. Just before a half-hour of gaming action, the final table had its winner. Before it was over, Claas Segebrecht decided to shove all-in with threes in his hand while the winner called with Ace to King suited. There was a King located on the flop which ultimately helped Alexandros Kolonias with river and spades on its turn to win the game and score the title.

The results of the World Series of Poker Europe No-Limit Hold’em tournament shows how much the first eight-placed players won. Alexandros Kolonias as the winner of the Main Event scooped over $1,2 million. The second-placed Claas Segebrecht won over $777K while the third-placed Anthony Zinno brought home around $538K. The fourth-placed Dario Sammartino won $379K while the fifth-placed Anh Do won over $271. Rifat Palevic as sixth-placed won $197K while Julien Martini as seventh-placed won $146K. The eight-placed Jakob Madsen brought home around $110K.

Kahle Burns Earning His Second Bracelet

This year’s World Series of Poker Europe has seen some amazing poker action at Rozvadov’s King’s Resort which hosted the series. Before Alexandros Kolonias won this year’s WSOPE Main Event, Kahle Burns earned his second bracelet as he won the 2019 World Series of Poker Event Thirteen. This event lasted for more than thirteen hours before Burns landed the ultimate win which brought him his second World Series of Poker bracelet.

In total, one hundred and seventy-nine poker players competed in this event. The final table, in the end, included Manig Loeser and Kahle Burns. All in all, the heads-up gaming round for this event was rather short as the ultimate winner was determined in only two hands. The final results for this event are Kahle Burns as the first-placed, Manig Loeser as the second-placed, Felix Schulze as the third-placed followed by Anselmi and Peck.

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