Home General News American Gaming Association Launching Sports Betting Marketing Code

American Gaming Association Launching Sports Betting Marketing Code

American Gaming Association Launching Sports Betting Marketing Code
AGA Launches Sports Betting Marketing Code

American Gaming Association (AGA) has just shared news about their sportsbetting marketing code during an official press release. Following the events that ensued after the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) overturn, regulative instructions, covered by this marketing code, brought on by AGA, aren’t obligatory in any legal form. However, the organization’s members are expected to act according to the new set of rules which concern the promotional aspect of sports betting.

Sportsbetting Marketing Code’s Reach

The American Gaming Association is an organization, established to promote, educate, and lobby for the gaming industry by means of advocating and educating. Due to a recent spreading of sports betting, the AGA has developed a sportsbetting marketing code in order to regulate all sports wagering advertisement forms. In creating it, AGA’s members have been consulted with the primary goal to set such rules that result in responsible gaming conditions.

Key points of the code have excluded any sports betting message content that relates to minors by featuring cartoon caricatures, musicians or other public figures who may draw the attention of those below legal age. Also, displaying sports betting ads through media, social media which may attract individuals below legal age as well as being available at other events when is already known minors will be present is against the code.

New AGA regulations also refer to a permanent inclusion of responsible gaming messages and a help-line number. Making a connection between any kind of success and sports betting stands against these regulative guidelines as well. AGA members via their social media should always have reminders of legal age for engaging in sports betting as well as involving age confirmations.

Further Responsibility Commitments

Chief Executive Officer for the American Gaming Association Bill Miller, during the press release, on behalf of his organization, has disclosed that the code represents involvement for the gaming industry in taking precautions as well as a commitment when it comes to responsibility. In other words, this is their way of backing up sportsbetting as well as the gaming industry in general.

In his statement, he also mentioned that they’ve been trying to put an end to illegal gaming activities for quite some time. Their attempts were motivated by customers, economy and to retain the credibility this sector has. With the release of the new marketing code, despite high expectations, they are determined to encourage that all participants, included in the sportsbetting sector, comply with regulations, covered by the code.

New Sports Betting Opportunities

American Gaming Association has offered information about wide interest in sports betting which, after PASPA was struck down by Supreme Court last year, absolutely flourished. In fact, approximately $8 billion was placed in bets within sports wagering that, prior to PASPA being proclaimed as unconstitutional, has been restricted to Nevada’s land-based casinos. In addition, it’s been uncovered that, up till now, about $55.3 million tax revenues, local and state wise, have been accumulated through sportsbetting. Predictions are that the number will only increase per year, especially when more states enter the regulated market.

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