Win Systems Begins Asian Expansion

Win Systems Begins Asian Expansion
Win Systems Expanding Into Asia

According to the recent news, Win Systems will be participating in G2E Asia which is scheduled to begin on May 21, and finalize on May 23. For Win Systems, a leading technology supplier, oriented on providing management solutions, electronic roulette, and slot machines, this will be the first participation in the prestigious event. After the company’s success through Europe and America, they are ready for Asian expansion. It is said that this year, Venetian Macau will be the host of G2E Asia.

A Step Into a New Market

As already noted, Win Systems, considering the good work they’ve been doing within the territory of two continents, have decided to take a step further and make their move towards Asia. Partaking in G2E Asia is the way how it all begins and it’ll give the provider an opportunity to exhibit their best products so far; products such as electronic roulette, gaming machines, and systems that include casinos as well as arcades.

Their WIGOS casino management system with its ability to connect over 90 000 machines, incorporated into 325 casinos worldwide will be added as well. The company’s products are planned to be displayed in a booth at A213, giving the broader audience a chance to examine the Win Systems portfolio firsthand.

Furthermore, at the upcoming G2E Asia, the provider will present features which optimize everyday functions as well as making decisions. Among them, there are Intellia, WinStats, and WinUp. When it comes to the gaming division, the company will be exhibiting the Gold Club electronic roulette games. As compact as it is, it’ll provide floor utilization with maximum monetary opportunities.

About Partaking in G2E Asia

CEO, Eric Benchimol gave a statement on their participation in the Macau event by saying that they are happy to be part of it. He also said that their plans include entering other markets which greatly vary from the markets they’ve been doing business to this point; markets like the United States, Mexico, Argentina, and Spain. Turning to operators and players in Asia is a new challenge, and, according to him, they tend to use all their gathered experience while doing so.

He further explained that, at the moment, they already have scheduled meetings; however, their main goal is to widen their circle of customers and the most important of all, for customers to be familiar with Win Systems. Benchimol also conveyed that they’re confident about their gaming, as well as system solutions, becoming a great success in Asia as they did previously in Europe and America. He finished by saying that all operators will be welcomed to their booth.

Win Systems Gaming Machine Models

While participating in G2E Asia, the provider will also be displaying two of their best gaming machines models; the GameStar S3 and the GameSTar ST3. The first is an upright model while the second is a slant-top version of the original GameStar S3.

Both the GameStar S3 and the GameSTar ST3 are perfect examples that involve innovative technology in order to provide players with enjoyable gaming experience. The two machine models also have integrated various gaming possibilities.

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