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Big Casino Heist in Macau

Big Casino Heist in Macau
The Plaza Macau Robbed

Macau has been getting a lot of attention due to crime in connection with casino operations and despite additional measures, taken by law enforcement, the situation is only getting worse. To attest to that, there has been another case which left The Plaza Macao’s employees terrified and in need of medical attention.

What led to their state were two masked individuals, armed with pepper spray who committed an act of robbery, taking off with chips approximately worth $394,900. Even though at the moment, there is no news about the two culprits being caught or their identity revealed, the fact remains that they’ve taken a bold move by going off with chips since trying to cash them out will set off the alarm and draw unwanted attention their way.

Investigation in Progress

Early in the morning of May 25, a masked duo entered The Plaza Macau premises, inflicting injuries to a security guard and a dealer. Next, they’ve moved onto the chips, stashing them from the high-limit gaming lounge. After that, they’ve left the scene of the crime in a taxi, and according to law enforcement, there hasn’t been a significant development in the investigation.

The Plaza Macau is listed among five Sands China Limited venues in Macau, located in the Four Seasons Macao hotel. Within its 108,000 sq ft casino, the venue includes 180 slot machines as well as 140 gaming tables and it is one of the largest casino in the Asian Sin City.

In relation to the heist, Sands China Limited, a subsidiary of prominent casino and resort company, gave a statement elaborating that the case in question is being handled by the local law enforcement. Also, according to the statement, the authorities will have their full support during the investigation.

The employees who suffered the unfortunate incident have been given proper medical care and the company is keeping tabs on their state. For the company, the safety of their staff is very important and they don’t take it very lightly.

Prior Incidents

It’s been revealed that before the pepper spray heist, there has been another alarming incident at the Plaza Macao. In fact, it happened just recently, on May 18, involving 4 Chinese nationals being stabbed. In the end, there was one fatal outcome with local authorities denying any connection to gambling despite being placed at the footbridge, connecting the Plaza Macao with Sands Cotai Central integrated casino resort.

Before the most recent act of crime, casino representatives held a meeting, trying to figure out the way how to shorten reaction time in situations alike. In addition to casino officials, the local Gaming Inspection and the police were present at this gathering.

However, due to the newest robbery, it appears that there is a lot of work to be done in order to stop similar criminal advancements. Even though there is no outright logic in stealing chips since it’ll prove to be hard dispensing them with profits and not being detected while doing so, the pair responsible for the theft might have other agenda with more complex planning. On the other hand, it doesn’t appear so.

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