Home Casino News Pokerstars Deals 200 Billionth Hand of Poker

Pokerstars Deals 200 Billionth Hand of Poker

Pokerstars Deals 200 Billionth Hand of Poker
Pokerstars Deals 200 Billionth Hand

PokerStars has recently reached its 200th billionth dealt hand which is certainly the news worthy of celebration. This is one of the greatest accomplishments a poker domain was able to fulfill, and PokerStars has decided to properly celebrate such occasion. Furthermore, the poker operator, in ownership of the Stars Group, came up with an idea to share their success with players who helped them in getting to this impressive number by offering $2 million in total via giveaways, merchandise, and other promos.

A Big Thanks to Poker Community

By dealing 200th billionth poker hand, PokerStars has managed to do something truly memorable. Especially when considering that, in June 2013, they’ve had a chance to get to 100th billionth hand, and fast-forward to their 200th billionth in a six-year time-frame. As a thank you to this unbelievable achievement, PokerStars has enabled multiple rewards to their customers.

According to PokerStars officials, they’ve just been waiting for this moment, and thankfully, it’s finally arrived, a chance for the company to once again give back to the community as it has done on previous milestone hand celebrations.

Six players who on May 4 participated in 8c/16c No Limit Hold’em cash game, reaching that highly-anticipated digit, were each rewarded with $10,000 while ‘KeySssi” went with the pot. In addition, after 200th billionth number, celebrations commenced, handing out all kinds of prizes to players who had their part in making it all happen. Prizes included promos such as Star Reward Chests, more than $400,000 worth of ‘free tournament ticket drops, Mega Freeroll tournament, worth $200,000, merchandise from the Stars Store as well as giveaways.

Also, for all players who had a chance to play poker on their site, even one hand since the time poker was opened for players in December 2001, an opportunity to spin 200 Billion Hands Celebration Wheel for free was allowed with an every-day prize, set up to $2,000. During this celebratory period, over 6 million spins were granted.

Séverin Rasset, director of Poker Innovation and Operations for The Stars Group, on this particular occasion, stated that it’s truly remarkable they’ve been able to get to this number. In fact, it’s almost hard to believe. Two hundred billion has been their goal for quite some time, and finally, succeeding deserves celebration in a manner which will show how grateful they’re towards those who made it happen. Their team is more than happy about everything that’s happened and they’re in anticipation for what comes next. In the end, Séverin Rasset passed his congratulations to the team behind this enormous achievement.

Pokerstars Still Going Strong

From the moment it was founded in 2001 and up till now, PokerStars has turned into the most sought-out online poker site. Being number one in the gaming community when it comes to poker, this operator provides optimum conditions for its customers which include numerous daily tournaments as well as high-level online security. The fact they’ve succeeded getting to that impressive two hundred billion figure speaks for itself, especially since they’re the first site ever to do it. Also, their ability to get from 100th billionth to 200th billionth hand in such a short time is another achievement worth admiring.

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