Buzz Bingo Closing Twenty-Six Bingo Halls Across UK

Buzz Bingo Closing Twenty-Six Bingo Halls Across UK
Buzz Bingo closing down 26 UK bingo halls

Buzz Bingo is among the most prominent bingo clubs and bingo halls in the United Kingdom owned and operated by the Caledonia Investments company. Today, the Buzz Bingo brand has its venues across one hundred and nineteen locations including venues that used to operate as Gala Bingo halls before they were re-branded back in September of 2018. Under the ownership of the GVC Holdings company, the Gala brand operates its online casino and online bingo venues.

Since its beginnings, the Buzz Bingo brand in the United Kingdom has undergone many changes in both branding and ownership through a number of acquisitions. Originally, Buzz Bingo operated under a division of the Bass plc. company as another Coral brand. At the time in 1983, the brand operated twenty-two bingo clubs across many different locations.

Other ownership acquisitions of Buzz Bingo included a chain of eighty bingo clubs owned and operated by the Thorn EMI company. The acquisition was completed back in 1983 for £18.2 million. The company also acquired another thirty bingo clubs owned and operated by the Zetters Leisure company for around £23 million five years later. Moreover, the Buzz Bingo brand also took over a chain of seventy-four bingo clubs from the Grenada plc. company back in 1991 for around £147 million.

Buzz Bingo Closing Its Venues Across the United Kingdom

Several days ago, the most prominent operator of bingo halls and bingo clubs in the United Kingdom, Bingo Buzz announces its plan which will see the company closing many of its UK-based bingo halls. Unfortunately, the company has been struggling financially for months now after being hit hard by the negative, devastating consequences of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

According to the company’s officials, over five hundred employment positions at Buzz Bingo are affected with hundreds losing employment. The company’s officials reveal that Buzz Bingo will use the firm’s voluntary arrangement in order to initiate a rescue restructure and this, unfortunately, means closing some of its bingo halls and laying off hundreds of its employees.

As mentioned at the beginning, the Buzz Bingo brand is owned and operated by the Caledonia Investments company which just recently revealed its plan to use around £22 million saved from closing bingo halls as part of its newest restructuring deal. It was also revealed that the company’s lenders will provide around £10 million as new debt to help the company get back on his feet following the devastating financial consequences of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Carlisle, Bournemouth, Milton Keynes Clubs Closing

According to the company’s officials, its bingo clubs and halls located in Carlisle, Milton Keynes, Bournemouth, and Bournemouth will, unfortunately, close their doors permanently sometime in early August. Besides these four bingo halls by Buzz Bingo, the company will also close some of its other venues of this kind in other areas including Worcester, Stockland Green, Salford, Antelope Park, Chorley, Hereford and more.

At the same time, Buzz Bingo is planning to reopen ninety-one of its UK bingo halls from the 6th of August after several months of being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The company’s officials said that once these ninety-one bingo halls finally reopen, it would take some time for the number of customers to get back to normal considering physical distancing and other public health safety measures which will remain in place.

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3 years ago

I can’t believe this is happening. Buzz Bingo is such a huge name in the UK and they have some great bingo halls. I guess Covid-19 must have really affected their business!

Ravi Kumar
2 years ago

Oh, it didn’t go well.

Rebecca Alter
2 years ago

I am shocked to read about this news.