Home General News Employees of the NagaWorld Casino Resort Protesting to Secure Higher Wages

Employees of the NagaWorld Casino Resort Protesting to Secure Higher Wages

Employees of the NagaWorld Casino Resort Protesting to Secure Higher Wages
NagaWorld Casino Resort

As reported by several Asian news outlets, around three thousand employees of the NagaWorld casino resort in Cambodia decided to leave their job duties and go to the streets of the country’s capital city in order to ask for higher wages alongside improved working conditions.

According to recent reports by Inside Asian Gaming as well as the Reuters service, the giant NagaWorld fully integrated casino resort operated by the NagaCorp Limited company was granted a ten-year extension license related to its exclusivity clause related to its gaming business in the country. Since the company was granted a ten-year extension of this kind, no other companies or operators are allowed to construct and run gaming establishments of any kind within a one hundred and twenty-four-mile radius of the country’s capital city at least for ten more years.

The NagaWorld Casino Resort Opened in 2003

The company which owns and operates the NagaWorld Casino, NagaCorp Limited is a Hong Kong-listed leisure, gaming, and hotel company. Its Cambodia-based fully integrated casino resort, the NagaWorld facility is the country’s biggest gaming resort and hotel. The company which owns the resort holds a seventy-year casino license in the country while as previously mentioned, it also has a monopoly within a massive one hundred and twenty-four radius of the capital. 7

The NagaWorld casino resort facility featuring sixteen stories was opened in 2003. Today, the resort offers a hotel space with seven hundred rooms alongside a number of other features including several conference rooms, a luxury spa as well as a massive casino floor packed with over one thousand and five hundred slot games alongside one hundred and sixty-nine table games.

This luxurious Cambodia-based property is also in the process of expansion which will see the NagaWorld venue become richer for around four thousand and seven hundred rooms across its 5.8 million square feet floor space which is located near the venue’s Naga3 building. The expansion project is worth over $3.5 billion and the company’s officials hope that the new building will open its doors in six years.

Significantly Rising Revenues and Employee Dissatisfaction

The company which operates the facility has reportedly experienced a massive 20% increase in its gross gaming revenues in the nine months of the previous year which equals to around $1.29 billion. It was also reported that the company’s net gross gaming revenue figures for September 2019 have significantly improved by around 29% to reach around $616 million.

However, this amazing success in terms of significantly growing revenues has not satisfied the company’s NagaWorld resort employees who according to several reports by Inside Asian Gaming earn just around $150 monthly. Employees are of course unhappy with this monthly salary and they will be protesting.

As reported, unhappy NagaWorld resort employees asked the hotel’s owner to increase hotel staff monthly salaries to at least $300. The employees also asked that casino floor workers are paid at least $500 monthly. According to the Reuters news outlet, the protestors also called for Chhim Sithar who is a former labor union leader and former NagaWorld employee to be reinstated after being fired back in September of 2019 for allegedly secretly organizing higher wager campaigns. To conclude, the protestors are asking for better working conditions and the NagaWorld venue will have to make some changes.

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