Malta-Based Spinola Gaming Hoping to Find Further Lottery Success in Asia and Latin America

Malta-Based Spinola Gaming Hoping to Find Further Lottery Success in Asia and Latin America
Spinola Gaming is now looking towards new markets to expand its business

After finding great success in the African continent, one of the most prominent Europe-based lottery software providers Spinola Gaming has announced that the company plans to expand across Asia and Latin America. The company’s officials press release states that Spinola Gaming intends to start supplying its lottery innovations and products to gaming operators which are active in Asia and Latin America.

The Malta-based company used its official press release which was published by European Gaming Media and Events several days ago to reveal that it has already started this year with a rather updated portfolio of lottery solutions which have been carefully crafted to serve those emerging markets such as markets in Latin America and Asia.

One of the Industry’s Leaders in the Productions of Lottery Gaming Solutions

Spinola Gaming is doubtlessly one of the leading lottery gaming solutions providers which offers innovative, easily integrated end-to-end lottery solutions to a variety of different markets and jurisdictions around the globe. In addition to powering state-run lotteries with its innovative solutions and products, Spinola Gaming also offers its products to online and land-based gaming operators as well as to iGaming B2B platforms.

Since its inception, the company has been focused on crafting extremely powerful, innovative and custom-made lottery solutions to suit all markets operating at any scale. The company’s products include bespoke and custom lotteries, syndicate and bundle lotteries, instant lotteries, scratch cards, instant games and even more. Moreover, Spinola Gaming also offers powerful jackpot coverage alongside insurance for a risk-free, fully managed gaming solution.

The company’s gaming platform carefully crafted allows operators unlimited branding possibilities and customization alongside intuitive player marketing, real-time tracking data and much more through the most powerful backend office. Today, the company offers its innovative products to state and government-run lotteries, B2C and retail lottery operators, as well as online casinos and sportsbooks.

Budding New Opportunities

Based in the Valletta area of St Julian’s, the company’s official press release stated that its low-cost and fast time to market lottery solutions appeal to a number of many different governments in those emerging markets of Asia and Latin America. The official statement also revealed that some of these governments have decided to initiate their own lottery services in order to fight back markets.

Spinola Gaming furthermore said that it can offer its clients a rich selection of tailor-made gaming templates, lottery and instant games alongside extremely sophisticated management tools that enable operators to run both large jackpot and low stake games on their own safely and quickly. The company also pronounced that its major advances include a scalable, secure and robust back-office that permits all lottery hopefuls to manage their bonus and promotion campaigns alongside other duties including live editing and payments.

Speaking of land-based operators, the company proclaimed that it offers an impressive full-retail service that promotes games across interactive billboards, terminals and everything in between. Commenting on this, the company’s Chie Executive Officer Ade Repcenko said that the extremely fast adoption of 4G technologies across Asia and Latin American is one of the major factors in his company’s decision to start offering its services to operators active in these emerging markets. He also added that Spinola Gaming is extremely excited to enter the Asian and Latin American markets as they display amazing potential for his company’s exponential growth.

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