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Kristen Bicknell Earning Her Biggest Career Cash at 2019 Poker Masters

Kristen Bicknell Earning Her Biggest Career Cash at 2019 Poker Masters
Bicknell pocketed more than $400,000 for her win, making this her biggest career cash

he Poker Masters is a popular poker tournament which is played once a year since its inception in 2017. The events of the tournament are played at the luxurious Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Speaking of the events, each tournament included has a buy-in worth of at least $10,000. The Poker Masters almost exclusively features No-Limit Hold’em games which usually attract the world’s best professional poker players.

The most successful players of these events receive the Poker Masters Purple Jacket. The very first edition of the Poker Masters held in 2017 saw a professional German poker player Steffen Sontheimer securing the title. The next year, the tournament introduced a new points system that was used in the 2019 Poker Masters as well.

Structure of the Poker Masters

As previously mentioned, all tournaments at the Poker Masters have buy-ins worth at least $10,000 including the No-Limit Hold’em events. Speaking of the structure of the tournaments, it should be noted that every tournament with a thirty-second shot clock. In other words, every participating poker player has thirty seconds to finish his or her actions. What is even more, all Poker Masters events are broadcasted live on the PokerGo platform.

The very first winner of the Poker Masters Purple Jacket was Steffen Sontheimer while the second winner was Almedin Imširović. The 2019 Poker Masters has been running since the 4th of November with several events already completed including the Event #6 tournament which included a buy-in of $25,000 and way played in a No-Limit Hold’em gaming format. The winner of this event was Kristen Bicknell who pocketed around $408K which is her biggest career cashout to date.

The 2019 Poker Masters

This field of the tournament consisted of fifty-one players and each game was live-streamed at the PokerGo platform. Thanks to the rather high buy-ins, this tournament doubtlessly attracted plenty of the leading, most successful professional poker players such as Manig Loeser, Bryon Kaverman and Erik Seidel among other prominent names.

In this extremely tough competition, it was Chance Kornuth and Kristen Bicknell who remained until the very end. The two came together in an extremely exciting heads-up game which determined the tournament winner and the winner of the major cash prize. The game saw the two battling back and forth with Chance Kornuth going all-in even two times. However, in the end, it was Kristen Bicknell who survived the game as the chip leaders with pocket eights against Chance Kornuth’s pocket nines.

Both went all-in following Kristen Bicknell taking the lead after earning the river straight which eventually made her the ultimate winner. What is surprising is that Kristen had no intention of playing this tournament and she even said that she just entered on a whim.

The 2019 Poker Masters Event #6 saw many other successful players in the top-ten including Ali Imširović as third-placed who won $178K, Andras Nemeth who pocketed $127K as fourth-placed, Ralph Wong who won $102K as fifth-placed, Ben Heath as sixth-placed who pocketed $76K, David Stamm who won $63K as seventh-placed and Elio Fox as eighth-placed who won $51K.

This year’s Poker Masters has several more tournaments lefts to be played including another super exciting No-Limit Hold’em event with a buy-in of $25,000. There is also another No-Limit Hold’em tournament with a buy-in of $50,000 as well as the $100K Main Event which will take place this week.

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