Game Review: Live Dream Catcher: Where Dreams Come True

Live Dream Catcher: Where Dreams Come True
Dream Catcher Casino Game

Live Dream Catcher is oftentimes regarded as the next big thing in the world of live dealer casino games. Considering how fun and thrilling Live Dream Catcher gets, this is true. The game combines all the right ingredients to offer thrill-seekers what they are looking for and that is definitely a fast, super fun and highly interactive gaming session. If this is something that you are looking for as well, then Live Dream Catcher is your game.

As players start their Live Dream Catcher gaming sessions either via their mobile or desktop devices, they watch a massive vertical wheel as it goes round and round. Since this is a live dealer casino game, during their gaming sessions, players also get to communicate with human dealers in real-time using live chat features that every game of this kind provides.

What is even more, the game uses the latest, most modern streaming technology so that players can fully immerse themselves in one rewarding, entertaining gaming experience. Moreover, once there, players have the chance to scoop amazing winnings thanks to the game’s multipliers and other bonuses which are discussed further.

Make Your Dreams Come True

This super fun, easy to play and rather authentic game show can make players’ dreams of winning big for small stakes come true. Live Dream Catcher is an online version of the extremely popular, land-based casino Money Wheel game in which punters can definitely catch some big winnings. What makes the game even more popular besides its generous payouts is its simplicity. The truth is that Live Dream Catcher is among the simplest casino games with the simplest rules to follow.

As previously mentioned, the game features massive Money Wheels vertically mounted which are operated by human dealers. The game is usually streamed from real studios using the most modern, state of the art camera installations with pleasurable light and sound effects which are always synchronized to the gaming sessions’ action. This setting enables punters to enjoy a truly immersive experience no matter their gaming device.

All in all, Live Dream Catcher is always packed with fun while the simplest rules follow. When it comes to the Money Wheel’s section, it usually features two rewarding bonus multiplier segments which offer players the chance to scoop massive payouts. It also should be noted that the Money Wheels incorporated include fifty-four colorful segments with fifty-two segments containing different numbers including one, two, five, ten, twenty and forty.

The two multiplier sections located on the wheel are generally 2x and 7x multipliers for boosted winnings. During their gaming sessions, players place their bets on which number they believe or they hope the Money Wheel will eventually land on. The game is always streamed using high-definition quality form specialized studios. What is even more, close-ups and multiple cameras angle definitely build the gaming excitement offering a rathe unique, highly immersive gaming atmosphere.

Bright and Colorful for a Lively Playing Atmosphere

When it comes to the game’s visuals and sounds, all of the Live Dream Catcher games by the most prominent developers appear very bright with lots of colors which surely sets the mood. The majority of online casino developers stream such games from specialized studios. They also employ enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable dealers. In terms of the game’s sound effects, players usually enjoy punchy backing sounds which perfectly match flashing lights and bright colors. All in all, visuals and sound effects when combined always keep the energy bar high with fun guaranteed.

On the main gaming screen, players can check their current progress, choose their bets as well as check the game’s limits. Every Live Dream Catcher game also includes a special light system that indicates when players can place their bets, when betting time is almost over and when no bets can be placed for that round. In addition to these handy features, the game usually offers a Bet On All feature that as suggested allows players to place bets on all available betting spots.

When it comes to the game’s payouts and odds, they are very straightforward, super easy to remember. The game’s odds always match the number contained in the winning segment while the game pays out using one to one up to forty to one basis reserved for the number forty which appears only once, hence it has the biggest casino edge of 9.19% and the lowest winning rate. The casino edge gradually decreases with other numbered segments coming to around 4.66% for the number one which appears across twenty-three yellow segments.

Super Fun, Super Rewarding

As one of the simplest live dealer games around, Live Dream Catcher is one of the players’ favorites. It offers a perfect combination of thrilling, super rewarding gaming sessions and super simple rules to follow. With awesome betting limits, easy to follow rules and rather appealing visual and sound effects, live Cream Catcher never fails to impress. Players interested in trying the game can do so at Karamba Casino.

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