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Lucky Dragon Hotel of Las Vegas Rebranded Ahern Hotel

Lucky Dragon Hotel of Las Vegas Rebranded Ahern Hotel
Famous Lucky Dragon Hotel in Las Vegas reopens under a new name Ahern Hotel

Lucky Dragon Hotel located in Las Vegas is finally renamed and opened for visitors. The new owner of the facility is Don Ahern, hence the venue is rebranded as Ahern Hotel. The new name for the venue was revealed just recently by the new owner who also shared some details about his upcoming plans which include the venue’s old casino space being fully renovated so that it includes a number of non-gaming amenities.

It was also reported that he has sold several thousands of room bookings just several days before the venue was officially opened. The Ahern Hotel still has that luxurious red exterior that players are well familiar with. Nonetheless, all of the hotel rooms have been refurbished and redecorated.

Moreover, the owner of the facility also has plans to fully redo the former casino venue and he hopes that the construction process will start in March. He also plans to add several more restaurants alongside a bigger convention space and several other amenities.

Lucky Dragon Hotel Opened Three Years Ago

The Lucky Dragon Hotel owned by the Lucky Dragon company opened its doors on the 19th of November, 2016 three years ago. The facility features a casino and hotel located on 2.5 acres of land very near the Las Vegas Strip at 300 West Sahara Avenue. The Ahern Hotel facility includes the same amenities as Lucky Dragon located near the Allure Las Vegas condominium which opened its doors in 2008 by Andrew Fonfa.

The property which is now home to Ahern Hotel was previously planned to be the site of an Allure Tower. However, these plans were canceled primarily due to poor financial conditions. At the time, Andrew Fonfa decided to construct a casino and hotel on the adjacent plot. When it comes to the former Lucky Dragon now Ahern Hotel facility, it was designed by the Ed Vance and Associates Architects company while the initial plans emerged in February of 2012.

The first stage of the construction plans started three years later in May. The hotel and casino had a grandiose soft opening held on the 19th of November 2016 while an official ceremony was held on the 3rd of December 2016. As suggested by the venue’s name, the Lucky Dragon Hotel was primarily inspired by Asian cultures, traditions, and concepts in order to appear visitors from Asia who were expected to be the venue’s main visitor base.

Offering two hundred and three rooms and a massive 27,500 square feet casino floor, the hotel and casino were considered rather small when compared to its nearby rivals on the growing Las Vegas Strip. After struggling with poor customer turnout, the facility’s former owner decided to temporarily close the Lucky Dragon’s restaurants and casinos in January of 2018 so that the venue could be reorganized.

Brand New Ahern Hotel

At the time, the hotel venue remained opened to be subsequently closed as well on the 2nd of October that same year. The Lucky Dragon facility was sold in April of last year to Don Ahern who is now focused on renovating certain facilities within the property. In one of his official press releases, Don Ahern stated that the restaurant and convention sections will have a new name apart from the Ahern Hotel, but the name will not be revealed soon. He also added that the changes made to the property will come slightly under $10 million and the main goal is to have the entire place up and running by the 4th of July this year.

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